Healthy aggression: what it is and why it is needed

Healthy aggression: what it is and why it is needed

Psychologist Olga Miroshnikova gave a special practice to help in understanding their emotions

Anna Kovpak

Today, 14:18

The word “aggression” comes from Latin meaning “step forward”, the opposite of aggression – not peace, but regress, which literally means “step back.” But in society, aggression is considered to be a negative display of emotion. Is there such a thing as a healthy aggression and why it is needed, said the psychologist Olga Miroshnikova. According to her, healthy aggression is to be able to cope with difficulties in the face of competition, failure.

Aggression has an important place in the spectrum of human emotions, and this feeling gives information about how we can care for ourselves and our relationships. Assertiveness is one of many ways to respond to aggressive impulses. Our innate aggressive impulses are not destructive, but rather seek to survive and growth, says the psychologist.

Healthy aggression is the impetus to move forward, resolve conflicts using constructive approaches.

According to Olga, in some Eastern and Western cultures there is a tendency to suppress any expression of this natural force from an early age: children are scolded, even punished for raising the tone of their voice.

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“Probably as a result of this, many adults will avoid any direct confrontation, instead resorting to passive-aggressive behaviors such as stubbornness, angry statements, procrastination, bad jokes,” – said the psychologist.

Healthy aggression is a positive impulse to growth, learning and creativity, ultimately to survive in the world. This is what motivates us to make a choice, faced with difficulties, setting personal boundaries, or to fight for their rights.

People who tend to suppress their anger, experience more irritability and negativism to yourself and to other people.

Practice “Mindfulness” or awareness can help in understanding their feelings and emotions. Awareness means that we pay attention to your thoughts and emotions without judgment, simply noticing them, and fixing attention on his own feelings at the moment.

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