Marine or agricultural: Ukraine’s time to make a choice

Every country has its mysteries connected with the state symbols. This fate did not pass and the Ukraine.

We will focus on how to be the state flag of Ukraine — blue and yellow or yellow-blue? However, try to draw a parallel between the arrangement of colors on the state flag and the state Maritime policy.

Confusion, mysterious stories and controversies around the national flag was a lot.

Recalled and Rus, Prince Volodymyr the Great, who worshipped the Sun, so the yellow color of the Sun was the dominant color symbolism of Kievan Rus, and the Sun was a Central element in their flags.

And philosophy of the Chinese book of changes “I Ching”, which considers the current arrangement of colors on the state flag of Ukraine one of the worst combinations. Under this combination of colors, the country will face the inevitable degradation, betrayal, decline and finally collapse. Then how to reverse the placement of the colours means prosperity, happiness, development.

The theory of Feng Shui, according to which the location of the blue — “will” over yellow “wisdom” means “the law of decline”, that is progressive degradation, misery, and chaos. Whereas the reverse color combination is a harmonious blend of Heaven and Earth, it promises the development, well-being and happiness.

And the symbolism of the two main elements of nature and human existence — the fire (yellow) and water (blue) with the logical conclusion that only the yellow-blue combination represents the eternal symmetry, the divine harmony of these elements.

And more, but remain undeniable facts of Ukrainian history, which indicate the relationship between the changing positions of the colors on the national flag and sea-state solutions.

Ukraine in the twentieth century has twice received the chance to become sovereign and independent of sea state. Historical past suggests that the assertion of independence, demanded from Ukraine to a strong economy and strong armed forces and Navy. But history, thanks to the ruling elite, had a different plan.

In October 1917, almost all the ships of the black sea fleet of Russia has raised on the masts of their yellow-blue flags, but the Central Rada did not support the Navy. Heated debate and indecision of the Central Council not only resulted in the loss of the black sea fleet, but to the loss of part of the territory of Ukraine — Crimean Peninsula. It reminds nothing to you?

In April 1918 the Central Rada was disbanded. And along with this was reversed and the state flag, and became the yellow-blue flag under the President of the UNR Hrushevsky blue and yellow by Paul Skoropadsky.

Whatever it was, but on the peasant Congress Skoropadsky presented upside-down flag, and explained that blue is the sky and yellow — wheat fields. By the way, this view prevails today. They say that Ukrainians are hlebodarskoe nation, so it is a natural symbol of blue-and-yellow flag.

But, what is surprising, in the laws of heraldry such thing as a wheat at all. Yellow is the color of gold, of fire, of the Sun and he can’t be bottom.

The loss of sea positions was a prelude to the strategic loss of time is loss of political independence of Ukraine.

The same, surprisingly similar situation occurred almost half a century, with the independence of Ukraine. The leadership of the country firmly believed that the blue-yellow flag symbolizes the peaceful sky and Golden Ukrainian wheat under it. However, I did not notice the geopolitical position of Ukraine and the black sea fleet of the former USSR, which had in its composition 174 warships and boats, 48 ships, special purpose, 191 Maritime support vessel, 470 boats and offshore vessels with a total displacement of 560 000 tonnes. Didn’t notice the marine aircraft, which was stationed in the Crimea, and it’s still 224 115 aircraft and helicopters.

The inconsistency of the authorities, “feathered” policy and artificially formed the project “flotishka”, something like the present — the “mosquito fleet”, Maritime state has driven the idea of “the far corner”. Which in turn led to the loss of Ukraine’s position as a regional leader, contributed to the annexation of Crimea and the spread on the principle of “Anaconda” in the Maritime regions of Ukraine the Kremlin project “new Russia — Ukraine without the sea” in the near 2014.