Miners from different regions of Ukraine start a protest in Kiev since 30 June to the head of the Union Wolyniec

The demands of the protesters – repayment of debts on a salary on gosakta, the resignation of the perpetrators of the crisis

Miners from different regions of Ukraine will start in Kiev termless protest action, which, among other things, will require repayment to employees of state-owned mines of arrears of wages, the removal of industry from the crisis and the resignation of the responsible for the crisis officials. This was announced by the Chairman of the Independent trade Union of miners of Ukraine Mikhail Volynets on his page on Facebook, writes “Znaj.ua”.

“Miners enterprises “Mirrorball”, “Dobropolyeugol”, “SelidovUgol” left the capital. June 30, miners from different regions of Ukraine begin in Kiev termless protest action to protect their constitutional rights and to convey to the President, Prime Minister, Minister of energy of their demands, among which: repayment to employees of state-owned mines of arrears of salary which, as of June 24, 2020, is 622,5 million UAH”, – he said.

Also, according to Volynets, among the requirements of the miners: “the obligations of the state property Fund of Ukraine, JSC “Centrenergo”, SE “Deregulated” SE “Kalush TPP-Nova” to pay fully with state mining companies for the coal, particularly with GP “lvovugol” (353 million), mines of a name of M. S. Surga (94 million UAH), “yuzhnodonbasskaya # 1” (260 million UAH), “Krasnolimanskaya”. In addition, the miners will demand the release from fulfillment of duties of the Chairman of profile Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Gerus and bringing him to justice.

“Also ban the import of electricity and coal gas stamps from the country of an aggressor – the Russian Federation, Belarus. The resumption of operation of power units of thermal power plants, which were equipped with anthracite coal the coal of the gas group. The output of the mines of idle time, ensuring their stable operation and so on,” – said Wolyniec.

We will remind, last week the miners of the state mines Nadezhda protested under the President’s Office. After the release to them of the head of state and promises “to deal with Tsentrenergo”, the miners state-owned company, controlled by Igor Kolomoisky, paid of 8.75 million, which is about 0.5% of the debt Centrenergo mines.

Earlier Volynets said that when he worked the formula “Rotterdam+”, domestic coal was in demand, and the miners had a job and a salary, and now they’re going to go to Kiev to protest.