Jamal made a surprise during the online concert of Eurovision 2020: video

Jamal made a surprise during the online concert of Eurovision 2020: video

Singer live performed the song Duncan Lawrence

Anastasia Ocheretnyuk

Today, 15:00

Thursday, may 14, was the second alternative an online concert of “Eurovision-2020”, which was planned instead of the second semi-final of the song contest. Viewers saw clips on the contest songs of the performers who had to perform in the second semi-final in Rotterdam.

An unexpected surprise for fans of the contest was the emergence of a Ukrainian singer Jamala. The artist, while at home, recorded a video in which he sang the song Arcade the winner of “Eurovision-2019” Duncan Lawrence (speech, you can watch from 38:10 minutes).

14 may – a special date for the singer, because on this day four years ago, Jamal won the Eurovision song contest in Sweden. In honor of this artist published on his page in Instagram post and remembered with warmth as she was met at the airport in Kiev.

“I am filled with happiness when I remember that night! Yes, you know that from the first day after the victory I say it’s not good to only live with memories, you need to move forward and set new goals. But it was really an incredible event that happened to all of us and the country. “Eurovision” became such a big push for me,” recalls the singer.

Besides, the star was then greeted with a victory such celebrities as Joan Roling, Justin Timberlake and Shirley Bassey.

“Could I think that on the pages I will support the author of the “Harry Potter” Joanne Rowling, congratulations on your win Justin Timberlake will remember during his concert on my “1944” Adele, what I personally hear from Shirley Bassey admiration?! And in the morning after a crazy night of finals you will meet me at the airport. Of course, I didn’t think about it. I was just singing about what you love, for those who can’t live!”- added Jamal.

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