Another indicator will appear in payments for gas: what will Ukrainians pay for

Another indicator will appear in payments for gas: what the Ukrainians will pay for. Now the cost of gas will depend on its quality, and the consumed volume of heat energy will be indicated in payments of consumers What will change in payments for gas of Ukrainians /Photo: Collage: Today

In payments of Ukrainians, the consumed volume of heat energy will be additionally indicated in terms of kilowatt-hour.

< p>This was reported by the Ministry of Energy.

It is also noted that the cost of gas for consumers will now depend on its quality indicators .

The changes are introduced after November 2, 2021, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on the Introduction of Metering and Calculations by Gas Volume in Energy Units on the Natural Gas Market.” It provides that the Cabinet of Ministers will be given the right to make a decision on the transition to calculations and balancing in the natural gas market in energy units.

The purpose of the new document is to introduce differentiation of the cost of blue fuel depending on its quality.

In addition, the new law is expected to help bring gas parameters on the domestic market in line with European ones, which will accelerate the integration of gas markets.

Inflated payments in payments

In October, some Ukrainians received payments with significantly inflated gas prices, said journalist Vladimir Milenko. He said that his mother-in-law, who lives in the suburbs, received a receipt with a debt of about 2 thousand hryvnias. Apparently, this amount arose due to recalculation.

In the comments, other people also complained about this, and it turned out that consumers from many cities had to pay extra money.

We used to wrote that Naftogaz was told whether Ukrainians should expect an increase in gas subscription fees, as well as how much they will have to pay for utilities in November.



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