How to whiten teeth at home: best ways

Everyone dreams of a white smile, but most people rarely teeth are white by nature. Many solve this problem in the offices of dentists, however, costly whitening procedures that they offer, can afford not all, reports

There is another proven way to become a winning smile without harm to their health is a fast teeth whitening with the use of folk remedies, which are quite inexpensive and available to everyone. To correctly carry out this procedure at home will help some professional advice.

For this purpose a home use such available funds as soda, fresh lemon juice, activated charcoal, sodium chloride or sea salt. All this is present in every kitchen, is inexpensive and easily applied without special skills. It is important not to overdo it and not to cause harm to the enamel – for example, baking soda is able to not only thoroughly whiten, but slightly scratched, so the surface of the teeth it should be applied carefully and gently.
If you do everything correctly, then in a short time at home is quite possible to achieve the goal – to become the owner of a radiant healthy smile.

  • Teeth whitening activated charcoal

The simplest way without harm to achieve the desired is teeth whitening activated charcoal. Although the pill is black, whiten teeth, they are capable of good, and all thanks to the potassium hydroxide, the fine particles which efficiently and effectively clean the surface of the teeth.

Here are a few proven ways to whiten enamel at home with the help of this tool:

Crushed coal into powder, then add a little water and stir until the consistency of porridge. Substance should be applied on the brush and just to brush her teeth. To apply at home this simple method you can regularly.
Crushed activated carbon can be periodically added directly into your toothpaste on the brush.

Without any harm to greatly enhance the whitening effect of coal, crushed tablets can be mixed with a drop of lemon juice, then apply the mixture on the tooth enamel and keeping it there for a while, rinse with water teeth.
Dentists argue that the use of tablets of coal in the home worth a couple of times a week. In addition to whitening effect, the tool will provide getting rid of the bacteria that live and breed in the most inaccessible places.

  • Whitening teeth with hydrogen peroxide

There is a perception that teeth whitening at home best way to whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. This is indeed the case, this simple method is highly effective. The advantages of peroxide lie in its high activity and ability to bleach the enamel of the teeth outside and the inside, with no harm and negative effects.


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To use peroxide to lighten can be separately or together with other substances. However, in the home of such liquid to abuse is not recommended, because it acts very aggressive. In order not to harm their own teeth at home to use peroxide for bleaching is not often. On teeth, the composition is allowed to hold up to four minutes, if the enamel is too sensitive – this means you should refuse.

The procedure of lightening the tooth enamel is as follows:

Apply a bit of peroxide on the teeth the ordinary cotton pad, and then four minutes carefully to wash off. So as long as you can maintain the whiteness of your teeth without harm, every morning is recommended to rinse them with a special solution: mix a glass of water and a tablespoon of peroxide. To rinse your mouth with this liquid at home is also necessary after each lightening of the enamel.

Also the most effective and affordable means include:

  • Coconut oil

Ideal for people with high sensitivity of tooth enamel. This natural remedy not only help to gently whiten your enamel, it will also clean the surface of the teeth from germs and freshens breath. In addition present in coconut oil lauric acid prevents diseases of the oral cavity, in particular tooth decay. To achieve the desired effect at home, simply hold a little oil in your mouth, then spit it and rinse with hot water. You can also just mix coconut oil and baking soda, then use a miraculous blend as the regular toothpaste.

  • Banana peel

It contains many nutrients that will help to bleach the enamel of the teeth, without leaving home. The way this enamel care at home is perfectly safe and harmless, therefore, to resort to it as often as you like. To achieve a good result at home, simply RUB the inner side of banana peel on the entire surface of their teeth, continuing to do so in about three minutes. Then the mouth is rinsed with water.

  • Aloe Vera

This medicinal plant is able to efficiently and safely clean your mouth and gently whiten tooth enamel. The method is not only effective but also absolutely safe. The aloe Vera juice should be added to the normal paste every time it is used. This simple folk remedy will also help to heal existing wounds and remove germs.

  • Apple cider vinegar

This proven method helps to remove plaque and whiten teeth, it is necessary to add water and rinse your mouth twice a day. Swallow the solution after the procedure is not necessary, because it contains germs. To at home to achieve the maximum lightening effect, Apple cider vinegar can be mixed with a small amount of baking soda and just brush this part of the teeth. All described tools are inexpensive and are almost always handy at home, they act quite efficiently.

  • How to whiten teeth lemon

Perhaps when whitening teeth at home, the best way is lemon. The juice of this tropical fruit takes a stone, removes plaque, kills bacteria, strengthens gums and makes fresh breath. However, it should be used with great caution because of the acidity.

There are some important tips about how exactly you must apply this remedy at home. Before applying lemon juice and after it (about two to three hours), do not eat products that can stain the enamel of the teeth, as it guarantees the opposite effect from the desired. Before applying lemon juice, you should use the usual toothpaste – the way to whiten enamel will be more effective.

If the gums are inflamed, there are wounds or cracks from the treatment at home it is best to completely give up. Home to resort to this procedure once a week. To make the process more lenient, it makes sense to use the lemon juice and zest, which are gently applied to the surface of teeth and helps to whiten them without harm. Peel contains less acid, but acts effectively in the future.While the process of clarification (not more than three to five minutes), the mouth should be kept open to circulate the air.

  • How to whiten teeth with salt

For more efficiency at home is to use not ordinary table salt, and sea, which contains more nutrients. This tool not only helps whiten enamel, but also prevent the development of caries, removes the yellow plaque, kills bacteria and makes teeth stronger.
In addition, sea salt has also analgesic effect. The process of using this product at home the most simple: you need to mix sea salt with your normal toothpaste, then hold the usual cleaning procedure. Massage it gently so that the salt crystals from damaging the enamel. If the gums are inflamed, it is recommended to use saline.

Recall that tea is a main cause of yellow teeth.