Ukrainians can participate in the super draw 117 million euros

Ukraine is in the list of countries whose citizens can buy official EuroMillions tickets – 24 TV Channel.

The super raffle was launched on 15 September and after a few acumulaci lottery prize has reached 117 million. To participate in the lottery you must fill out a ticket online lottery service TheLotter. Will close the draw after three days.

Super draw of EuroMillions is a unique event held only once or twice a year with a guarantee of huge jackpots. The news about the super-circulation can be declared at any time and often dedicated to some outstanding event.


  • In the United States sold lottery ticket winning $ 1 million

For reference, the last superdraw of the EuroMillions € 100 million went to UK resident, who played the entire a winning combination of five major numbers and two supplementary numbers “lucky star.” Previous jackpot superdraw tore a refugee from Kosovo who has purchased a lottery ticket in Belgium.

Winners from left to right. Retired from El Salvador winning a million dollars M. from Iraq ($6.4 million), from S. Russia (€ 824 thousand in Austria)

Can the citizens of Ukraine to participate in the super draw of EuroMillions?

Citizens of Ukraine can take part in lottery draws of the EuroMillions on a par with residents of the 17 participating countries. All you need to do is to buy lottery tickets to participate in the super draw EuroMillions online, choose five main numbers (1-50) and two numbers “lucky star” (1-12).

What a super drawing differs from the regular draws?

The main feature of the super draw of EuroMillions the jackpot amount. If the regular lottery draws start at 17 million euros, the jackpot superdraw begins his ascent to the maximum level (€ 190 million) from 130 million euros.

Holding a super draw EuroMillions was made possible thanks to contributions from the special reserve Fund pan European lottery. 8.6% of the total profit of each draw of the EuroMillions are listed in the total prize Fund, and further from them formed the jackpot superdraw.

People win the lottery, Europe and the United States without crossing borders

The most resounding victory on the website today was held in June of this year. Aura Dominguez, 65-year-old citizen of Panama, purchased a ticket in the American lottery Florida Lotto and the jackpot of $ 30 million. Aura was the only winner of the jackpot for the draw results on Wednesday, 19 July 2017, and therefore the sole owner of a huge thirty million jackpot.

Since the Foundation in 2002, this service has helped people to win over $70 million in the end of 2015 player from Iraq ripped off of $ 6.4-million jackpot in the lottery Oregon Megabucks. In 2016, a retiree from El Salvador won a million dollars, and a player from Canada took second prize of $ 1.35 million in Powerball, the USA.