Watermelon diet: what are the benefits of berries for the body

Fruit is a huge storehouse of various nutrients. Eating them every day, we are rejuvenating your body and become more energetic. A huge benefit of the fruit lies in the fact that they prevent many diseases and help us to maintain a good condition for many years. That’s about one of these fruit we now will talk. This watermelon – huge berries available to us from mid-summer to the end of September, writes likar.info.

How useful watermelon

The most valuable watermelon is the flesh. It contains the following vitamins: B1, B2, C, PP, folic acid, carotene. Furthermore the watermelon contains fiber, and minerals: potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, copper, etc. But one of the most valuable elements of this fruit is magnesium. It displays the body of excess cholesterol, thereby ensuring the elasticity of blood vessels, prevents the formation of stones, regulates the bowels, keeps the elasticity of the muscles and prevents osteoporosis.

– Watermelon – a strong diuretic. It is recommended to use to eliminate puffiness of the cardiovascular disorders. The juice and pulp of watermelon take for cystitis, nephritis and pyelonephritis. It doesn’t irritate the urinary tract and, unlike other diuretics, not leaches potassium from the body.

Watermelon juice perfectly “cleans” the liver, the withdrawal of toxins. It supplies the liver tissue sugars, so the watermelon is effective for chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis and biliary dyskinesia.

– As the flesh of a watermelon has the ability to absorb toxins, it helps to improve intestinal microflora.

Is watermelon good for anemia, rheumatism, atherosclerosis, gout, hypertension, arthritis and obesity.

For all its undeniable advantages, it should be remembered that watermelons should not be attracted to people with high acidity and pancreatic diseases. Caution you need to eat watermelons to people with heart disease, diabetes, and those who have kidney stones.

Watermelon diet

Watermelon diet – effective diet with the help of which you can quickly get rid of extra pounds. It is well established that not only eliminates excess weight but also cleanses the body of toxins. 100 grams of ripe fruit contains only about 38 calories. This diet does not require you to starve yourself. In addition, this diet is very simple. No need to count calories and prepare the menu. You need only eat watermelon and nothing else. To follow this diet can be up to 5 days, not more. This time is enough to get rid of toxins, excess fluid and unwanted salts.

A blooming appearance

Following the watermelon diet, you will notice how you have improved complexion, in fact, everything that is useful for stomach, good for the skin. In cosmetic use the juice and pulp of the fruit.

In addition, regular consumption of watermelon:

– gives Shine to hair;
– gives a feeling of lightness;
– improves the condition of nails;
– invigorates the eyesight.

The above properties of watermelon because this fruit contains a valuable antioxidant lycopene. This substance has a beneficial effect on the skin and protects it from premature aging.

However, remember that the use of early watermelons may lead to poisoning. The berry may contain nitrates, which in the human body is converted into dangerous substances – nitrites. So be patient and wait until mid-August, when more confident you can buy a harmless watermelon.