Another conversation Putin and trump

As confirmed by the representative of the White house on Tuesday, during the summit of “Big twenty”, held earlier this month in Hamburg, the President of trump was the second, informal conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Spokesman Sean Spicer (Sean Spicer) confirmed that a few hours after the official bilateral meeting, trump and Putin, they talked during dinner, arranged for the heads of the States “Big twenty”. However, he could not say how long they talked and what they discussed.

Earlier on Tuesday, reports that during their second conversation, trump talked with the Russian leader about an hour, and next to them there were only the translator of Putin. Informed about this meeting, the administration announced.

In the US, the trump communication with Putin are the subject of particular attention due to the ongoing investigations that lead special Prosecutor and the Congress. Investigations related to the possible collusion between the electoral headquarters of the trump and Moscow.

According to the President of the Eurasia Group Ian Bremmer (Ian Bremmer), the fact that this conversation was not involved, the translator of trump, is a violation of Protocol national security — though the President, most likely, not aware.

During the summit of “Big twenty” trump and Putin held a formal meeting. She was allotted 30 minutes, but it lasted more than two hours.

As said Bremmer in an interview with a journalist of Bloomberg Charlie rose (Charlie Rose), the good contact and mutual understanding with Putin, which has made trump at the summit “is undoubtedly the best example of his personal relationship” with the leader “the Twenty”.

“I as a scientist have never seen two countries — the large countries — with a whole set of incompatible national interests, the leaders of which seem to do everything possible to be friendly and to achieve convergence,” he said.

It is also reported that during the official meetings trump persistently asked Putin about Moscow’s intervention in the 2016 elections, which the Russian President denied.