Settlements trump Syria

Donald Trump, probably for the first time with the appearance in the White house managed to make the winning move. Unless, of course, Russia, Iran or Hezbollah does not take the painful response after the American missile attack on Syrian air base in the night of 6 to 7 April.

In domestic politics it can already be considered a success. He clearly distanced himself from his predecessor, Barack Obama, making what he wanted in the summer of 2013.

Obama himself drew the regime of Bashar al-Assad a red line. Anyway, after killing more than 1,400 civilians in a gas attack on 21 August 2013, the White house eventually abandoned even symbolic strikes, not to cause discontent of Iran, which then led secret negotiations about the nuclear program. Barack Obama shifted the responsibility on Russia, which has pledged to eliminate stockpiles of chemical weapons by the Syrian authorities (in the “efficiency” of this work we can see).

Trump decided to act

The U.S. President then made a more serious mistake of showing to the world that his threats are unfounded, and that America is no longer going to play the role of gendarme in the middle East… or somewhere else. Subsequently, Russia has rushed into the opened breach in the Ukraine and in Syria, Iran and Hezbollah launched a massive intervention to support Bashar al-Assad.

A blow to Assad’s Army, an ally, for the salvation which Putin did his best, trump in some way respond to those who accuse him of proximity to the Moscow autocrat. The result of the Congress on the relationship of the headquarters of the trump with Russia is a threat to the future of the state. After the destruction of the Syrian base trump received the support of two of the most critical to him and respected Republican senators, John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

They welcomed the fact that the US sent a “powerful signal that will not sit idly by while Assad, who receives the help and protection of Putin’s Russia, the killing of innocent Syrians with chemical weapons and barrel bombs. Unlike the previous administration, the President, trump decided to act at the right time. So he deserves the support of the American people.”

External isolationism

Finally, Donald trump announced himself on the international stage not as incoherent and narcissistic provocateur. He emphasized an important component of each great power: its ability of containment.

He demonstrated that moving them during the campaign of the isolationist doctrine was just words. First to sign was the increase in the defence budget of 54 billion dollars (9%).

Anyway, now the party played out in Syria appears to be difficult for the United States. Washington, apparently, has no doubt that reset Syrian su-22 bomb with sarin was a signal from Syria, Russia and Iran. They could not be aware of. At the base, where the plane took off, was a Russian unit. Administration trump needed to confirm its presence in the conflict.

So the bumps on the base extend beyond the reaction to the use of chemical weapons. US seeks to regain lost influence on the fate of Syria and the settlement of the conflict. Sending troops to support the upcoming offensive on Raqqa along with armored vehicles and artillery became important, and let go unnoticed the moment.

The plan the White house is coordinating and supporting the attack on al-Raqqa to expel ISIS from it the Syrian capital. Moscow, Tehran and Damascus has no objections in principle, however, they were concerned about the implications of the likely success. Moreover, the administration trump has made no secret of intention to remove from Syria the forces of Iran and Hezbollah.

Secretary Rex Tillerson even (albeit more careful) criticized in Moscow, stressing that since Syria has not eliminated its entire chemical Arsenal, Russia was unable “to force her to perform up to their commitment… Russia or became an accomplice, or showed incompetence…”

The question now is, will decide whether Vladimir Putin to answer. Moscow did not respond to an Israeli strike on another Syrian base on March 17. Rather, the United States and Russia came to agreement on the extent of the American strikes during the numerous contacts between staff of the two countries in recent days. Moscow warned in advance about the attack, not to substitute is based on the soldiers. Finally, Vladimir Putin is probably not too eager to join in the conflict with the President, whose election is so actively welcomed.