Disclosed the exact cause of obesity

A group of scientists under the leadership of Licio Velloso (Licio Augusto Velloso) from the University of Campinas found out the reason, which contributes greatly to weight gain. About it reported in a press release at EurekAlert!, – the “Ribbon”.

It is known that the obesity epidemic is facilitated by several factors. One of them is the change in the composition of intestinal bacteria. The microbes found in large quantities in obese people stimulates the absorption of nutrients from food. Even ordinary Apple can be more nutritious for the person suffering from obesity than people with normal weight. Another possible reason is the death of groups of neurons in the hypothalamus that are responsible for the feeling of satiety.


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Scientists have determined which of these factors is the cause and which the consequence. The experiments were conducted on mice, whose diet was rich in saturated fatty acids, for four months. Periodically the animals were sacrificed for analysis of the intestinal microflora and the brain.

It turned out that damage in the hypothalamus occur earlier than changes in the intestinal microflora. At higher levels of lipids in the blood immune cells of the Central nervous system — microglial — start to produce Pro-inflammatory substances that negatively affect the neurons of the hypothalamus. Eventually, nerve cells die. Violations occur long before the person starts to gain weight.

Earlier , scientists said the number of overweight people.