Kefir-buckwheat diet: how to easily lose five pounds in a week

According to experts, with the use of kefir-buckwheat diet is only a week to lose five to seven pounds. The effectiveness of the supply system due to the fact that buckwheat is a good sorbent purifies the intestines like a brush, except in buckwheat contains many useful vitamins and mikroelementov, writes

About the benefits of kefir has been said a lot – this delicious sour-milk product perfectly cleanses the intestines, contains bifidobacteria, which help to strengthen the immune system and improving digestion.


  • Named the most popular Japanese diet: minus seven pounds in a week

Salt-free diet is good that is very easy – you almost do not feel hunger.

Below we invite you to learn about the basic principles of kefir-buckwheat diet:

  • Cook buckwheat as follows: in a pan pour one Cup of rinsed buckwheat to pour boiling water so that water was more around one finger. Necessary to fill in the evening before going to sleep that night buckwheat swollen and steep. In the morning it will be fluffy and soft, and you can start the diet. The thus prepared buckwheat retains all the nutrients.
  • Eat buckwheat without salt and oil. To give a taste of the buckwheat will help a few drops of soy sauce (the sauce should be of good quality and do not contain glutamat sodium. Good soy sauce is not less than ten dollars). You can add greens to taste.
  • The yogurt is always fresh. In the day you can drink one liter of yogurt.
  • Best of all this diet is suitable for people with second blood group
  • During the day you can drink any quantity of mineral water or green tea without sugar
  • Allowed sometimes to eat a green Apple or cucumber without salt.

It is recommended to adhere to this diet not more than ten days. The maximum period is two weeks, but then should be discontinued for a minimum of three months. Also be sure to consult with your doctor.