The court permanently blocked the controversial decree trump migrants

Federal court in Hawaii to block the decree of the President of Donald trump about the ban on entry into the country for migrants from a number of Muslim countries, extended its decision indefinitely. Reported by the BBC.

The decree trump will not be applied until at least until will not be considered claims about the abolition of the decree.

The motivation of judicial decisions has not changed since the time when the decree was suspended by the same court for the first time: according to the judge, the ban on entry for citizens of countries with a share of the Muslim population from 90% to 98% amounts to discrimination on religious grounds.

In addition to the 90-day ban on entry for citizens of the six Muslim countries, a decree trump instructs to suspend the Federal refugee program for 120 days.

The debate in court, the representatives of the administration trump asked him to make this decision, to remain in force at least a ban on the admission of refugees, but the judge refused to do that.

Derrick Watson 16 Mar already not allowed to come into force a new ban on entry to US citizens six predominantly Muslim countries. Then he satisfied the claim of the state of Hawaii with the requirement to suspend the trump signed the decree a few hours before he was to enter into force.

The new decree was to suspend for 90 days enter the U.S. citizens of the six countries with predominantly Muslim populations, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia and the Sudan, and to suspend the reception for 120 days.

President trump explained his decree desire to prevent the infiltration of terrorists into the country, but his critics called the proposed measures are discriminatory.

Trump back in mid-February announced the signing of a new anti-immigration decree, but its signing was postponed due to the President’s speech before both houses of Congress last Wednesday.