What foods are most harmful to sexual activity

Experts have made a list of foods that should not eat if you have planned a romantic evening.

Problems in sexual terms can arise, for example, after eating red meat. For digestion of the body spends too much energy. Also avoid eating food that increases blood sugar levels. It lead to fatigue and decreased sex drive. Among the similar products sweet drinks, hamburgers and hot dogs, French fries, a variety of alcoholic cocktails, ice cream, cookies, chips, beer.


  • Scientists have found that interesting, you can tell by the length of the fingers of a man

But on the contrary walnuts will help to strengthen libido. They work especially good after eating oily food. Nuts do not allow the arteries to narrow or wrong to respond to physical stress, enhance stamina needed for sexual activity.

You should pay attention to legumes and seeds (especially beans, peanuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds). They contain arginine that enhances arousal in women.