Knyazev: the Imbalance of discipline leads to the fact that people don’t say “thank you”

“We don’t anticipate the decline in crime during 2017. To predict the year 2018. If we analyze the January of the current year, we see common changes common crime. Violent and property crimes have a small change its geography. In some region police earlier recovered from retesting, and the testing system, in some regions later tested. In some regions there are more retired employees of the criminal police, the employees of the investigation. In almost all regions has changed the system of protection of citizens on the street, the provision of law enforcement services,” – said Knyazev, in an interview with TSN.

“The imbalance of discipline leads to effect, which is that people don’t tell us “thank you.” However, we are now going through a very significant reform, dramatically. If you remember the transition from the Soviet to the Ukrainian militia, the same does not in one night in 1991 took place. Already in 1998, this process entirely, with all paperwork, rebuilt. We do not have much time for a complete change of our tenets,” – says the new head of the National police.