Breastfeeding contributes to the health of the child’s mind experts


  • Natalia Prestonpracticing family and child psychologist

It is believed that breast milk, as a drink, cooked according to individual recipe (nature intended that the body of the mother produces the product, any maximum that is her child), provides strong immune system baby. However, many examples of “milk” suckling inferior in strength of body iskusstvennykh — because health depends on many factors. But there are undeniable benefits of breastfeeding. And they lie in the psychological development of the baby, which indirectly affect the strengthening and physical health. We talked with our expert — Natalia Preston practicing family and child psychologist.

Constructive thinking

Carefully to respond to what is happening can only be counterbalanced and quiet person.

The first three years, and especially 10-12 months after birth, the baby and his mother form a dyad energy, causing the mood and attitude of the baby is directly dependent on the parent. And when you hug baby while feeding him breast mom produced prolactin — the hormone of calm, and oxytocin — the hormone of joy and pleasure. They are the antagonists of the stress hormone — cortisol — cropped increase. Namely chronic oversupply in the body cortisol and adrenaline creates a restless consciousness, which all tend to catastrophizing.

Reduced susceptibility to depression

Frequent melancholy attacks, as a rule, those who can say: “I live not in their script” and “I am sad that I am repressing my desires.” Both feeling the infant was fed mother’s milk, will be unknown, because his desire to eat and calm down mother performed at the first peep. So, such a baby on the child every day several times recorded the installation “I am important”, “I can resent the things that I don’t like, and this situation will definitely change! So I can control the events in my life.”


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Talent and creativity

The need for creativity resources. But the person who needs to constantly make excuses to go into the situation of others and to look at someone else’s opinion, they lose a considerable part. Because our energy is always there, where to focus our thoughts. And this person lives in the past, unconsciously trying to achieve by such action of recognition that is not received in childhood, including the beginning — grudnichkovye period. In addition, in the absence of making people afraid of stepping left or right — “And suddenly will be mistaken, and I don’t recognize ever”: he lives and thinks in a formulaic, afraid to take risks. And recognized as a baby feels that he has a right to be. So, has the right to create, to be the author in any field of life and at any time. The only clear newborn way to assure him of acceptance — close embrace and the saturation of food. As both — the basic needs of any person.

The program is a success

Success is impossible without a healthy share of self-confidence and awareness of their exclusiveness. The baby fed at the slightest requirement (a modern view of breastfeeding does not imply otherwise), is programmed to success, because he is not afraid to show themselves.

The first lessons of communication

To establish contacts with people, hear them, collaborate with them, to negotiate even with new friends can a person who has social phobia.

In infants the fear of men will not, as there will be no phobias at all. After all, holding the baby several times a day, mom it reduces anxiety from uncertainty and change (with which the baby faces wzrasta and mastering the unknown) and prevents it by transmitting a signal: “I’m with you. I’ll help you all I can.”

Three myths about feeding

About breastfeeding there are many myths. Three of the most common told us Lezhepekov Margarita, a mother of three children, managing Director of the NGO national movement in support of breastfeeding “Milk river”. If you have questions about lactation, you can ask them the specialists of this organization by phone: (095) 013-36-13 or (097) 412-11-17.


If a woman has a healthy diet (no sausages, ketchup and semi-finished products), then worry about the harmfulness of her milk for the baby is not worth it. Bans on nuts, milk, cabbage, citrus fruits — horror story: according to who standards, is taboo only the products in the family are allergic.


According to who’s investigations, only 3% of women the body is unable to produce milk. And it is not entirely but only in incomplete volume. Other cases of “nemolochnov” related to the lack of frequent and physiologically correct of applying.


Gastrointestinal tract and kidney the newly born human is not yet ready for large amounts of food. And nature intended: a bit of colostrum, but it is a concentrate of Goodies. Because the cry of the newborn in the first days is caused not by hunger, and discomfort after the difficult process of birth and awe (yesterday he was sitting in the warmth and darkness, and today is unusually bright, it’s loud and cool).