How to increase the benefits of juices for the body of the child: pick up a drink type build


  • Anna Osipenko, a nutritionist at the clinic “Ayurveda 192”

What kind of juice the child is most useful?

Traditional nutrition answers this question briefly — any. The number of minerals and vitamins in the gifts of gardens and fields plus or minus the same. Differ only their number, which, in the final analysis, also did not play any role, if the fruits and vegetables in child’s diet is diverse.

Alternative medicine from a different perspective: fruit and vegetable juices have different target audience, depending on the dominant energy that must be balanced with other (to achieve harmony in the body) and which determines the Constitution of his body. If you omit not entirely clear to the uninitiated the terminology then these energies three, as body weights in humans: thin, normal, full.
Take a look at what the kids drink, depending on body type and how much juice to give.


Refrain from smoothies and juices, tomatoes, eggplant and peppers. They give load on the pancreas, even an adult, but in children this organ is even more vulnerable.

Thin — pumpkin and sweet orange

These children have a fragile Constitution, hair light, often curly, thin hands and feet (often cold), thin lips and galericinae character (emotional, grasping at everything, but not always bring it started to end, prone to neurosis; sometimes melancholic: whiny, timid, change is perceived as a catastrophe). These children need “sweeteners” for them the perfect Apple, pumpkin, carrot and orange juice, but it is important — sweet. From skinny women, as a rule, weak pancreas, so some juices they are better prepared to give scource. Fresh start to drink after two weeks: the beginning of autumn is a difficult period for their digestive tract.

Normostenik — plums and parsley root

Children with a normal body type differ pink lips, yellowish teeth, average height, nice soft smooth hair and no less even temperament sanguine (know how to pace yourself for the difficulties philosophically, humor).
Their vegetables and fruits — plum, carrots, beets, and the leaves of greens: parsley, coriander, stinging nettle.

In children this type of digestion, that is, the fire is very strong. Because they shouldn’t give the juices sour, but the sour juice of them is strictly prohibited.

Gipersteniki — pomegranate and apricot

These children have strong white teeth, plump lips, thick nails, big bones, thick dense hair, inclined to obesity (because the juices must be low-calorie). Temperament these donuts phlegmatic: they are not talkative, not emotional, long used to the new surroundings.

It is better to drink juices that have astringent, tart flavor. For example, pomegranate, apricot, celery, grapefruit. Special problems with the gastrointestinal tract such no, but the so-called “digestive fire” is weak. Because it is useful to add them to the juice ginger, cinnamon or black pepper (a little).


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The rules of drinking


The digestive tract of the child is not ready for processing large amounts of raw vegetables and fruits, and juices — this is their concentrate. Because on the day the child can be no more than 30 ml of juice diluted with water in 1:1 ratio. In addition, the juice is sweet product, devoid of fiber, and digestion increases the load on the pancreas.


The greatest activity of the gastrointestinal tract is in the interval 12:00-14:00. Eaten and drunk by the child in this period will be digested and metabolized best. Therefore it is best if the juice you give your baby with you to school.


6-7 years tooth enamel of the child are not yet fully mineralized, and therefore vulnerable to damaging factors. These are fruit acids. Because the first-graders better to drink juice through a straw.

“Natural” ailments: how to help himself

According to alternative medicine, ailments are belong to the different elements. And juices, which in this case must be revitalized, must energetically match.

About the basic violations, we were told Alla Chaykovskaya, psychotherapist, bioenergetics, member of Ukrainian Union of psychotherapists, Association of alternative medicine of Ukraine.

To earth belong to the disorder in the organism as a whole. Help yourself (along with access to a doctor), you can juice any root vegetables: carrots, beets, parsley, celery.

Disorders in the urinary system — the element of water. You should drink the juice of watery fruits and vegetables: orange, grapes, kiwi, zucchini, cucumber.

To the element of air belong to diseases of the respiratory system. The best juice in this case — from the cabbage of any sorts. Nice to add to it rose water.

To the fire element are diseases of the pancreas and digestive system. A nice berry red color, preferably ones that ripen closer to the autumn cold: the mountain ash, viburnum, buckthorn or native to Northern latitudes, such as cranberries.