How lipstick can help a woman.

According to Dichter, there are 8 forms of lipstick as a result of its use by women. Accordingly, it is possible to determine the approximate type of the character of women. Who knows, maybe it is, in any case, all the similarities or differences must be presented to the psychologist.

1 — slightly pointed lipstick shape. You are a sober person is really thinking. Know what you want. Very practical, solid. However, ensure that these qualities are not passed to the tendency to excessive delicacy or pettiness.

2 — lipstick almost has not changed its original shape, just carefully rounded. You can be attributed to people aged, not retreating from achieving the target. You plan everything in advance. Your success in life and work — the result of diligence and care.

3 — posado more or less hollow in the centre. You suffer some kind of inner anxiety that you are trying to hide under Mackay energetic, opinionated person. To the people you are showing distrust. But sober calculation you predpochitaete romance.

4 — conical shape of the lipstick. Your main trait is selfishness. You don’t like rush, tense atmosphere. Appreciate personal comfort, beautiful outfits. You do not lack of ambition; I think that you are irresistible the ideal of many people.

5 — lipstick rectangular shape. By nature you — an optimist. Straightforward in judgment with people, to the target always go straight. Seeing the main thing, do not pay attention to the little things. In difficult situations
The PTO often lucky. Sometimes you involuntary smear to hurt the man, but not evil PA a shaft, but due to excessive kindness.

6 — lipstick has indentations PA both sides and the middle remains intact. Original and your character People call him ‘aristocratic* (connection with the profession is not mandatory), You are impulsive, unstable, prone to enthusiasm and despair, full of internal surprises. As a rule, you are considered cheerful, sociable, You are generous and sincere with friends.

7 — lipstick wiped on the bias. You treat women with varied interests, lively, talented natures. With a rich creative imagination, you busily adventurous, although not always practical. Women often irritate howling, you get bored. If you have a friend that you like, you faithful to her and forgive everything.

8 — if you are the owner of this lipstick, you need to congratulate with the ability to get along with people and adapt to any conditions. You cheerful, calm, happy, fate, not kichites themselves. But you have one drawback — sometimes you are prone to envy.

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