PHOTOFACT. The monkey and the Buffalo started a family

In April, zoologists animal protection group Lamu Conservation Trust (Kenya) rescued two young buffaloes, who were wounded and abandoned by the herd. A month later, the animal was taken from an illegal trader of wild animals young verveda (dwarf green monkey), also separated from his family, reports

Photo: Facebook

After recovery, the Buffalo and the monkey started talking, and eventually became inseparable. Zumzum – the so-called monkey – does not depart from Pagani and Konami (the names of the bulls), riding on their backs and drives away insects. “In nature, monkeys are very attentive to the children and give them a lot of physical contact. Buffalo allow it Subsume, and instead give her a sense of family,” – say zoologists.


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Soon, however, the animals have to leave, because after full recovery serwetki animal rights activists plan to release her into the wild.