Berezenko told, what will be the salary of physicians after the reform of the sphere

After the reform of financing the health system health workers will receive from 10 to 23 thousand UAH of wages. About this informed the Deputy Chairman of the faction “block of Petro Poroshenko,” a member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on health Sergey Berezenko at a briefing after the meeting of the National Council reform.

“We are changing the principle of the funding from beds and heating wall – to Finance health services, and introduce the principle “money follows the patient”, – said the Deputy.

The proposed reform, he added, will allow workers in the field of medicine to “a minimum of 10 thousand hryvnias to sometimes more than 23 thousand hryvnias of a salary or income per month“.

In addition, said Berezenko, introduces the possibility for the doctor to become a business entity.

“Accordingly, it receives a lower tax rate. The so-called single tax. And the state will be the medical services market and competition,” he said.

That is, according to the Deputy, will ensure the increase in quality provided medical services, because “in this case, the doctors will be looking for his patient.”

“According to calculations of the Ministry of health, after the adoption of the proposed reform, funding for health from the state budget per person will be roughly $ 110 in the patient is from the very beginning of the reform. And within 5 years this figure is set to double to $ 220,” said Berezenko.

He gave the example that in Georgia today, a similar costing only $ 70.

Among other things, Berezenko noted that were taken into account the need to start the system of electronic services “E-Health”.

In addition, he added, you must save the benefits for socially vulnerable population and take into account the protection of participants of military operations in the Donbas, which should be free to receive all necessary medical services.

In turn, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on health Olga Bogomolets expressed the hope that the new bills will include funding issues and government guarantees treatment of TB patients, the mentally ill, as well as state guarantees vaccination of children. MP also hopes that, among other things, will protect the rights of pregnant women.

The Chairman of the Committee also noted that the legislative initiative provides for the possibility of “pilot” of its realization – and not just throughout the country, and at first only in “pilot” regions or institutions.

According to her, separately, it is planned to adopt the law on health insurance. Relevant legislative initiatives, said the pilgrim, in Parliament now was three.

“A group of authors of bills that represent models of private, public-private and completely public health insurance was consensus. And I hope that in the near future will be technically processed a bill and presented in Parliament which will resolve the question of health insurance and provide a new pool of funds” – said Bohomolets.

She concluded that it is now proposed a system in which the state will pay and guarantee payment in primary care medicine: family doctors, emergency medicine and palliative care, and in other cases we will focus on the co-payment of medical services.

At the same time, the bill for health insurance has to settle the question – for people who can not afford the copayments.