USA so against s-400?

Turkey buys defense system s-400 from Russia.

From the U.S. come protest statements one after the other. They say that s-400 will not be integrated into the NATO system. But is this really so? The United States opposes s-400 due to compatibility issues, or the US has any other calculation?

Experts emphasize that to integrate s-400 in the NATO system is not a problem. As an example, pay attention to Greece. Athens have long used C-300, an earlier version of s-400. So that argument of incompatibility unrealistic.

As it becomes clear, Turkey is not the only member of NATO using Russian missiles. Greece has received missiles from Russia, and from southern Cyprus, but the missiles are Russian-made. In other words, no one can tell Turkey: “you are a NATO member, will use a Russian rocket, the biggest enemy of the Alliance?”

Not the first time Turkey is negotiating about missile systems with countries outside NATO. In 2013, negotiations for defence systems was conducted with China. USA at that time used the same rhetoric, argued that Chinese missiles are incompatible with NATO, and did everything possible to discourage this transaction.

Shortly after talks between Ankara and Beijing, which is opposed by the U.S., broke out the events in Gezi.

In the future, until 2014, the representatives of the American military-industrial consortium of Raytheon-Lockheed four went to Ankara. After receiving a better offer, Turkey has suspended talks with China.

Here the main issue is the freedom in deciding what and where to buy. If the Chinese offer a lower price, I buy from them. But if you insist: “Only the American missiles,” then you have to reduce the price. How in 2013.

Today we are dealing with a similar situation. S-400 is less expensive and of higher quality. And the US objected, saying, “Not integrated”. However, nobody listens to them. The client and I buy this product what I need.

If you truly care about US the global arms market. USA is number one in this market. They are followed by Russian.

The U.S. has opposed Turkey to buy s-400 from Russia, not to yield to the leader on the market.

The agreement between Ankara and Moscow in the process of completion. And next in line — perhaps some Western countries. In Western countries two choices: American or Russian goods. Russian products are ahead of their American counterparts. The United States and worried that after Turkey, the European countries also start buying weapons from the Russians.

In this case, the United States will lose its lion’s share in the market, many a balances will change, and Russian with a noticeable gap come forward.