In Ukraine increased the share of non-performing loans.

The share of nonperforming loans in the banking system of Ukraine in June increased by 1.34 percentage points, to 57.73%. This was reported in the press service of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).

According to the report, the high ratio of non-business loans to the loan portfolio recorded in state banks, and 73.1%, whereas that of insolvent banks, the share of non-business loans was 54.7%.

All, according to the national Bank, the credit portfolio of Ukrainian banks as of July 1 stood at 1,017 trillion UAH.

Recall, most bankers predict that in the next 12 months , the portfolio of corporate and consumer loans in Ukraine will grow.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine fell fromanterior interest rates on Bank deposits. So, the average interest rate in local currency as a fall in deposits over the year to 13.2%. Cheaper and contributions for the period 6 to 12 months – to 13.27% per annum.

The national Bank estimated that government spending on overcoming the consequences of the experience of three years of the banking crisis amounted to about 14% of GDP. In the course of cleaning of the banking system since the beginning of 2014, the national Bank of Ukraine adopted a decision on the withdrawal from the market of more than 90 banks. During this period, the DGF paid to depositors of insolvent banks over 80 billion UAH of compensation for deposits.