Confidence rating: Groisman second after Zelensky

27% of Ukrainians trust the former Prime Minister

By results of poll of the Sociological group “Rating”, held July 15-20, the rating of trust among national politicians is headed by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. The head of state is trusted by 41% and not trusted by 53 per cent.

In second place – Prime Minister of Ukraine in 2016-2019 Volodymyr Groysman, is trusted by 27% of respondents. At the same time 63% do not trust the policy.

The presidential approval rating is also headed by Vladimir Zelensky. If elections were held soon, it would be supported by 30,2% among those who intend to vote and undecided. For Volodymyr Groysman would give their votes for 3.1% of respondents.

In the survey, which took place by the method of personal formalized interview (face-to-face), took part 2 thousand Ukrainians aged 18 years and older in all regions of the country, except the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas. The sample is representative by age, sex and type of settlement.

We will remind that on July 21 the former Prime Minister, commenting on the TV channel “Ukraine 24” the situation in the country and summing up years of work of the new composition of the Verkhovna Rada noted that the Ukrainian authorities today need to focus not on the statistics of meeting people or the number of received bills, and the problems of Ukrainians, their employment and income growth.