Horoscope for 9-15 July: lions is an increased risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases and Virgo can have an affair with the chief

ARIES. Correction future dictation cherished desires temporarily canceled. You will be torn between the family (raising children, caring for parents) and work on the go, working not carelessly, and conscience to show himself a model host, family man and psychologist. “Resolve” everyday problems, eliminate emotional discord, the house must be warm and intimate atmosphere.

Should get rid of bad habits and pay less attention to the friends. In a friendly sphere scroll karmic scenarios, there is a filtering of persons (except authors) with whom the relationship was over and interfere with spiritual development.

Avoid the collective “showdown” and remember: you self-sufficient person who has no right to succumb to the “herd” instinct.

Contacts with Cancers of the most fruitful.

TAURUS. What you sow, you reap! Business “slips” (out what has exhausted itself), dreams about the career Olympus will be broken on the reefs of financial constraints. Chief you not a patron, not motolite his eyes, curb the commander’s ambitions. Little money take on any job, learn new skills, the range of opportunities is wide. The hard work lucky to become a generalist, from HR what personal value will increase.

Now you pass through a stage of an introvert, no one narucite and improve internally, and then will automatically improve the environment, “ballast” will be eliminated.

Hold Twins.

GEMINI. You look fantastic, attract the opposite sex, fall in love and enjoy! Willingness and ability — a minefield where it is necessary to move cautiously, wisely considering all the pros and cons of the circumstances. Control a passionate “want”, not present partners, financial claims, arguments for money is fraught with destruction.

Formula for success: “take” is “give”. Now you are experiencing the collapse of ideals, but it was good, because the world smells of “mothballs” and no longer corresponds to the spirit of the time. To switch to progressive values, you need to be aware of all news, to show curiosity, to all interested, to communicate more. Because often go gold, even without knowing it Now life is the best school for acquiring practical experience.

Stay With The Lions.

CANCERS. You are in exalted state, emotions boil, creating around the electrified atmosphere. To demonstrate the power of the spirit, to decide the time. But to do no harm, avoid a showdown, (the reaction of the boss is unpredictable), hold yourself in an iron grip.

It’s time to implement your own ideas, utilizing available resources. Their range is wide. In debt do not take it the noose around his neck. Be sure to pay back your creditors, follow these promises.

At home to pray is a sacred place where evil can’t get you.

Now you are your own master, bright, presentable personality, decide what is needed for full happiness and go for it!

LIONS. Get out of the shadow and carefully record the call signs of the body in order to react to the slightest failures of physiological rhythms – increased risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases. All work and no play.

For success in society any formalities should be kept to a minimum. To keep the enthusiasm on the risks, without really thinking about the consequences of actions, especially in the professional sphere, is contraindicated. Only after weighing everything rationally and with the support of the Trustees, will have a productive result.

To avoid becoming a victim of treacherous intrigue, to name confidential contraindicated. Karmic “showdown”, where it floats on the surface of the most frustrating things continue.

VIRGO. In order not to damage business reputation, stay for the image of the professional on the height, hold a paying job where you are competent, experienced, fully informed as a specialist. You can have an affair with the chief. If from work sick, overcome by fatigue, is a sign that shouldered the extra, pull another plow. Rasprjagajte, otherwise undermine health.

Debt pay off and see that financial revenues do not become a bone of contention with friends, friendship is friendship, and money apart!

LIBRA. You peaked in your career, business, efficiently and professionally. The road is long and difficult. But to rest on their laurels once, activate the initiative and fortify the conquered positions. Stick parity interests, using the spirit of competition is reasonable, borrowing from business rivals the best experience.

The main thing — at the time of occurrence of fundamental differences to keep a middle ground so as not to harm the cases of combat excitement.

Now you are in society form the “weather”, so carefully experiment, the fate of people on your conscience!

Focus on team spirit is the best compass.

SCORPIONS. Don’t focus on the home, your happiness wanders away from home and get inspiring the creative impulse, awaken talents. Go to a tourist trip, vacation, it’s time to recharge the “dead” battery life. This is the time when the best is seen from afar. It is advisable to have a good rest, do Spa treatment for healing the body.

Coming ahead of career assaults, where the accumulated power will be a great detonator.

Bet on a favorite thing, business, and the income will come with time. Exercise thrift and waste of pointless money, free time is contraindicated.

ARCHERS. Reduce the degree of curiosity, communicate only on constructive topics, avoid imposing their views, do not judge people’s flaws, because bad habits “will move” like a virus to you.

Love for money is an illusion. Don’t get carried away with the flirtations on the side, and set the heart a lyre on a serious relationship with marital companions, better not to find! To become cute friend and lover in one incarnation, then your tandem will be an indestructible bulwark of spiritual unity, spiritual idyll, shared business interests.

CAPRICORNS. Partner — your business card. Play by his rules, seek to compromise, refrain from ill-considered words, each phrase should be thoroughly sanded — you to the public as a model of tolerance, culture, intelligence! Then there are the wise, experienced assistants who will help solve the most pressing problems.

Illnesses are of a psychosomatic nature, repent of selfishness, avarice. Hostages commercialism pay the most valuable — health, loneliness, depression.

AQUARIANS. As a generalist you have reached perfection, but that is no reason for pride. Welcome share your experience, serve and help worthy people, “freeloaders”, lazy, schemers, deceivers, Klaudija like flies to honey, it is time to recognize and drive away!

In business, do not go, no way, skip ahead initiative partners, fate calls to be in the Union. Rely on partners (business, marriage), it’s lucky the guide for you.

FISH. Tame carnal appetites! Indulging his own whims — it is the dynamite that could blow, destroying the heart bridges. The candle of love blazes — well, don’t let it fade away!

Sync “want” and “need” to take care of family happiness, family members you love, so pay it back, and egoists, who mixed with “give” and “to”, expects default in the sphere of love.

The key to excellent health, a good job which enjoy. Grant attachments — the subject of yesterday. Work for a decent salary.