Should I be concerned due to the fact that Finns love to be naked?

City Commissioner of Joensuu, Marjatta Ratu (Marjatta Räty) angry due to the fact that the city hosts the event with the participation of a large number of naked people.

Recently the Finnish city of Joensuu has set a new world record. The city conducted a mass swim naked Finns is confined to the rock festival Ilosaarirock.

The water rushed in almost 800 people, and the record set earlier by the Australians were beaten.

“The program of family policy of the city of Joensuu, approved by the city administration does not support the establishment of such world records,” chagrin said Ratu article in the newspaper Karjalainen.

The newspaper Ilta-Sanomat, she said the limits were violated when in broad daylight during the hours people suddenly started to walk “in the buff”.

The Chairman of the Union of naturists of Finland Juha Jonsson (Jonsson Juha) tells Ilta-Sanomat that in such cases the moralists always start talking about what naked adults could see the children. Those who don’t like it when bare other, trying using children as an argument to prohibit the appearance of people in the Nude in public places.

“Children do not see anything strange in the Nude”.

Jonsson recalled that in our world it is impossible to avoid exposure.

In the summer on the shores of Finnish lakes is going to a lot of naked Finns running around happily in the water. The appearance of no clothes is not associated only with sauna. Nudity has become a way of life.

“Many people want to relax in the summer with no clothes on. We can say that this is a “country naturism”.

Finn is faced with the nudity and in public places. The Havis Amanda fountain, the monument “Three blacksmiths”, a monument to the Finnish runner Paavo Nurmi and many other monuments of Helsinki depict naked people.

“It’s very funny. Our monuments for some reason, always naked. But if a man will take off my clothes and stand next to them, then everyone will start complaining”.

Nudity has become popular on television and in art.

In the Dutch show “Adam looking for eve” the naked people looking for a mate.

American photographer Spencer Tunick (Spencer Tunick) became famous for his photographs of naked people in unusual circumstances.

In 2002, he arrived in Helsinki to do a photo of a naked Finns. Nearly two thousand volunteers took off their clothes in Central square Kauppatori in Helsinki and posed for the photographer.

Jonsson from the Union of naturists of Finland finds that Finland gets rid of the taboo on nakedness. The popularity of nudity increases.

“We going liberalization. This is evident in how such events are becoming more popular and attract more and more participants”.

In August will be the annual Days of naturists in the community säkylä. They’re held for the 16th time. Once the event was attended by only four people, and last year participants was 150.

Popular and running in the Nude. Run ten kilometers without clothes Nakukymppi was held in July in the municipality of Padasjoki.

This year there were a record number of naked athletes — 115 people. People with bare ass came even from Russia and France.