Alliance collaborators

One of the most notable events that occurred this week in Georgia, was the visit to Russia of representatives of the parliamentary party “Alliance of patriots”. A delegation of three people — George Lomia, Ada Marshania and NATO Chkheidze — within two days was in Moscow and met with deputies of the Russian State Duma, discussing the prospects of Russian-Georgian relations.


This event caused a great resonance in the Georgian society, once again showed how dangerous trends taking place in Georgian political life.

In Georgia, for anybody not a secret that the parliamentary party, some misunderstanding, called “Alliance of patriots”, actually is a local cell of the Kremlin agents, which to some extent operates in all post-Soviet republics.

In the parliamentary elections in October 2017, “Alliance of patriots” snatched the title from the party of Nino Burjanadze, during the previous years, receiving the Kremlin’s money ration.

Given the fact that the program of “patriots”, is an incoherent jumble of populist rubbish designed for the stupid and ignorant layers of the Georgian population in the elections and they still got their 5% and entered Parliament, despite the protests of other parties that submitted data on available fraud in favor of the Alliance.

However, no investigation of these facts was forthcoming, and “patriots” began to consistently defend the interests of the occupants in the main legislative body of Georgia.

Notice that it makes no sense to pay attention to the clown and frankly shameful antics of the leaders of this organization, which they pointedly do with enviable regularity. This attention deserves only the part of their activities, which relates to the question of the Russian occupation in which they are most active.

As with all previous Pro-Kremlin collaborators, “Alliance of patriots” is positioning Russia as an aggressor, occupying 20% of the country, and as a major political player and a guarantor of security in the Caucasus.

According to this paradoxical perverse theory, born in the offices of the KGB and has nothing to do with reality, the Russian occupation exists as separate from Russia, and these two concepts are not related to each other.

Accordingly, in order to achieve restoration of the territorial integrity of Georgia, it is proposed to hold direct dialogue with the Russian leadership, which, allegedly, is interested in establishing peace in the Caucasus, just need to appease him and fulfill all the conditions that are presented to them.

And these conditions in Moscow has been announced and so is Georgia’s recognition of Abkhaz and Ossetian separatists as independent parties to the political process, giving them appropriate legal status; the abolition of the Georgian law “On occupied territories”, and the entry of our country into endless and pointless negotiations in advance with the Kremlin’s puppets.

Of course, no guarantees restoration of the territorial integrity of Georgia in this regard is not proposed, and is proposed to be, because it was originally designed for a completely opposite effect.

Today, if you imagine that Russia is suddenly no longer able to occupy Abkhazia and Samachablo (Tskhinvali region), then they will return to Georgia within a few years, maybe months (with good cards), because the international community recognizes them as parts of Georgia and will support their return and integration.

Therefore, the aim of the Russian leadership as soon as possible to force Georgia itself legally get away from those territories to the next generation of Georgian politicians are unable to present to them no claims.

It can be done, for example, through laws that give special status to Kremlin puppet regimes in the occupied territories, to be adopted in Georgia. Or, Tbilisi bowed to political and economic cooperation with the separatists as independent subjects of international law. By the way, all this has been repeatedly reported by the “Alliance of patriots” and their predecessors.

In fact, in Moscow tuned to the repetition of the scenario of the Treaty of Kars of 1921, when the Kremlin-controlled Georgian Bolsheviks with their signatures legalized legally transfer the Turkey to the Georgian regions of Tao and Klarjeti, forever depriving our country of the ability to return them to your composition.

Over repetition of the same plan, but now in Abkhazia and Samachablo are working collaborators out of the party “Alliance of patriots”. Will the traitors and occupiers to implement their ideas will depend on the position of the Georgian society and the determination of each citizen of Georgia to resist their activities.