From Brawler to Lyali: the most rare and popular baby names in Ukraine

In 2016, the young parents prefer to observe the trends of recent years and give their kids traditional names — girls often called Anastasiya and boys Artegami. “Today,” found out what the names of fashion in different regions of Ukraine, and compared with trends of 2015 and have identified innovations of the past year.

TRENDS. Again, among girls the most popular names were Anastasia, Sofia and Anna. However, if in the past Nastya confidently in the lead, then they caught up with Sony (both names are in the lead in 8 areas), and Anne took the second place (after 4 areas). The third — Victoria (region 2). The boys from last year, nothing has changed: the name of Artem went into the lead in the 12 regions, followed by Alexander (4 areas), and Maxim and Andrew are the leaders in the three regions.

There are new trends: for example, in 2016 the top male names in three regions came Ivan (replacing Artem in Kherson, Sumy region, Alexander and Nikita in the Luhansk region), and in the women’s top made their way Veronica (pushing Sofia to Lviv region and Polina — Cherkasy). Also for the first time in a long time, fashion was Matvei and Nazari. But for girls, parents increasingly began to choose unusual names, the fashion for Alice ended: Albina and Amalia came to replace the Present and Alice in the Dnipropetrovsk region, and in Zhytomyr Alice gave place Angelina.

CRANKS. In addition to popular, met in 2016 and rare names sometimes are quite unusual. For example, in the capital now live a little sky and ocean “sky” and “ocean” in English. Also this year, was born with the name from Kiev Ukraine. It was accompanied by Malvina and Juliet. In fact, many parents chose to keep things simple and record in the documents from abbreviated the names of his daughters: in Chernivtsi region lives MIA Kate, in Ivano-Frankivsk — Nelia in Zhytomyr — the girl Alosha, Odessa Fanny, and in Kharkiv — Lala. Also in several areas appeared the same name as the new first lady of the United States — in the Khmelnytsky region and in the capital now live Melania. And in the Kiev region is Caesar’s and the Atlantic in the East Volodar and Slavs, in the Volyn — Paris and Dante, and in Dnipropetrovsk — Doña, Buyan and Timothy.