Chester Bennington fought “with my demons”

Thursday Chester Bennington (Chester Bennington) was found dead in his home, located near Los Angeles. The lead vocalist of the band Linkin Park was only 41 years old.

Fans know that the Bennington behind a turbulent past in terms of mental health and drug abuse, although lately he’s done with these problems.

In one of his last interviews, obtained exclusively by the editors of the website Mirror Online, the performer of the song “Crawling” openly talks about how recently released album helped him get out of the “darkest period” of his life. It was the moment when he “decided to fight for what I wanted to”.

The death on Thursday of this singer shocked the entire community of rock musicians because, it seemed, Chester has taken all necessary efforts in order to defeat your demons and focus on loved ones and on your career.

In an interview in may of this year, when Linkin Park was preparing to release his seventh great album “one spark” (One More Light), this stellar performer from California said that the new album is “very personal” and that it had a “very therapeutic effect.”

“Album, “One More Light” — is for us a very personal story and is very therapeutic in its effects work,” he said. — We have touched on many aspects of our lives, which in a normal situation, we probably would not have told and would keep it to yourself.”

“In the process of working on this album we are talking about different issues and situations. When you hear this in the context of music, there is a sense of forward motion, a sense of some kind continue, and we, in fact, are in such a situation”.

Speaking about his personal Affairs, Chester said that this album really allowed him to completely change his life and helped him to get out of one of the darkest periods in his life.

“For me personally, when we started working on recording this album, I began to emerge from the darkest period in my life and all the shit that I was satisfied. I already controlled all these things, and felt completely differently at the time”.

Mike Shinoda (Mike Shinoda) and Dave Farrell (Dave Farrell Phoenix), musicians of group Linkin Park, paid tribute to his soloist Chester Bennington after his tragic death.

Chester spoke openly about his dark period. “I felt as if the world is full of shit, and understand that I am in deep shit, life is sucks, and I don’t care. All this happened inside of me,” he said.

However, according to him, the new album was his turning point. He openly talked about his inner struggle and admitted that the album helped him to focus on the important things. But, according to him, the therapy also helped him.

“It was all things I could work and could make myself happy, if I wanted to, î said Bennington. — You know what I mean? Make yourself able to build relationships with life on her terms, that is, not all the time everything will be perfect, but it will not be all nasty when the situation will change”.

“It took me a great amount of effort. Work on a new album, actually made me open up to my friends and write about it, it was like therapy, and as the fight with my demons,” he said.