Nazi mole in NATO is trying to whitewash the Third Reich

Events this month suggests that NATO Nazi wound up “mole”, a man who tries to use the information infrastructure of the Alliance for the rehabilitation of the Third Reich. And it’s not a conspiracy.

For the first time in history on the NATO website has a movie that positively shows combatants in a German field caps of the Wehrmacht and German rifles and machine guns in their hands. We are talking about the movie “Forest brothers. Battle for the Baltic”.

What do we see in the Nazi “mole” NATO mini-movie? On the territory of Latvia, then Latvian SSR, people in the German military cap in 1946 with the “Schmeisser” and the German machine gun MG-34 are exchanged fire with the allied forces. And with the help of stylistic devices the author of the film clearly shows where he stands — on the side with the German weapons.

For the first time on the NATO website shows positively the aesthetics of the German caps and German arms from the reign of the Nazis. And not on the basis of documentary shots, and using images taken in our day exercises of military reenactors. Why? My answer: to try to rehabilitate the Wehrmacht, the SS and their allies, i.e. German collaborators.

In my opinion, it is the rehabilitation of the combatants with German weapons was the main purpose of the film. To this basic plot is attached the story of a brutal civil war, which took place in the post-war period on the territory of the Lithuanian SSR, when the “forest brothers” massacred tens of thousands of Lithuanians, supporters of the socialist system. But that’s another story, more blood, but to a lesser extent relating to the Third Reich. Although we remember who it was for the Lithuanian activist Front, whose supporters provided their actions offensive of German troops in 1941 in the Soviet Republic.

Causes a separate interview question with hiding the face of the Lithuanian military, which said that the current Lithuanian army learn the tactics of the “forest brothers”. What are they studying? To kill disloyal to the nationalist Lithuanians, their wives and children? As it was after the war.

And now the big question: who is this Nazi “mole” in NATO, which uses the infrastructure of the Alliance for the rehabilitation of Nazism and the Third Reich? Who’s that hiding in the form of NATO military admirer of Adolf Hitler? I hope the NATO special services will conduct an investigation.