The government appointed the state secretaries of the foreign and defense ministries

The Cabinet of Ministers has appointed Andrew Hare Secretary of state of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Alexander Dubliany – state Secretary of the Ministry of defence. The corresponding decree from December 28, 2016 No. 1036-R and No. 1037-R posted on the Government portal.

They are appointed by state secretaries from the date of commencement of actual performance of their duties for a period of five years with remuneration in accordance with the law.

As reported, the Hare had held the position of Director of the Department of Middle East and Africa of the foreign Ministry.

Dublyany was Deputy defense Minister and chief of staff.

We will remind, at the end of last year in Ukraine adopted a new law “On civil service”. One of the goals and objectives of the adopted document – the distinction between so-called political and bureaucratic functions in the management of the departments. To this end, the law introduces the position of the state Secretary of the Ministry.

In this configuration, the Minister is responsible for the strategic objectives. The Secretary of state from political change does not depend, according to the law, its task is to ensure constant and efficient operation of the bureaucracy entrusted to him by the Executive authority.

Thus, according to the authors of the law, achieved the separation of the state management policy and the stability and professionalism of public service management.

The new law “On civil service” effective from may 2016.