Tesla Model 3 detained the thief when they stole it – video

Tesla Model 3 detained the thief when they stole it – video

New anti-theft technology from Tesla helped to protect thousands of electric vehicles to their owners from theft

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 14:13

Despite the recent incident with the Tesla Model 3 when she came off the wheel while driving, these electric vehicles are the most technically advanced in the world. This proves a recent example. The police of the state of California announced on their Facebook page that the Tesla Model 3 itself has detained the autothief, who was trying to steal it.

According to the owner, standing at the traffic lights, the attacker approached the car, opened the door and threatened the driver, ordered him to “get out”. Taking possession of the car, the thief fled the scene, but not for long. Coming to his senses, the victim was immediately used their smartphone to drown out the car remotely and lock the doors from the inside, causing the suspect was trapped and the police were instantly sent to the scene.

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The Department reports that officers quickly arrived on the scene, found the stolen vehicle with the helpless car thief inside, and placed the suspect under arrest.

Owners of Tesla are available with a range of unique features to manage electric vehicle in the distance. These include remote start, lock and unlock doors, Parking management from your smartphone, track your car by GPS. Of course, many of the described features are also present in other cars, but this owner Tesla used the connected services from Tesla at 100%.

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