The IMF program in Ukraine has stalled – expert

Ukraine until the end of 2017, the year may obtain tranche of the program EFF extended Fund from the International monetary Fund (IMF) in the amount of $ 1 billion. That is, given an enumeration in April $ 1 billion, just this year, Kiev can get $ 2 billion. This opinion was expressed by economic expert Oleg Ustenko.

“We have assumed obligations, and they applied not only to land and pension reforms, but the implementation of anti-corruption court. And this, by the way, in my opinion, was more important measure, which had to be implemented during this period,” – said the expert.

Land reform, according to Ustenko, will be considered much later. Also, according to the expert, the unclear situation with the pension reform.

“In the past the obligation, which Ukraine took upon itself in accordance with the Memorandum of cooperation [with the IMF], it was that the need to reduce the deficit of the Pension Fund, and then to reduce it to zero by 2020. Neither that, nor another is not done. Thus, I don’t see how you can make an assessment of cooperation with the IMF this program if we do not fulfill taken obligations. Therefore, I do not see the prospects for the possibility of receiving the next tranche at the time and even in the early autumn, because the Verkhovna Rada will begin work in mid-September,” – said Ustenko.

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To clarify on how will the Ukraine get the next tranche of the IMF before the end of the year, Ustenko said: “what I planned to within 2017, nearly 5 billion dollars – I don’t think it will be possible to choose the entire amount before the end of this year. That is, the part will be transferred in subsequent periods. This year you can obtain $ 1 billion, if renewed cooperation”, – the expert believes.

We will remind, earlier the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) declined to expectations this year from the IMF, $ 4.5 billion is now the controller expects the entry into the country in 2017, $ 3.8 billion. The national Bank confirmed that the tranches are delayed because of delays with the Rada vote on key reforms.

On 3 April, the IMF approved the allocation of Ukraine the fourth tranche of the extended Fund in the amount of $ 1 billion. The entire program provided Ukraine with about $ 17 billion, of which Kiev has already received 8.7 billion dollars.