What will happen to you after a complete failure from alcohol

Even if you don’t abuse the strong drink, and comply with the recommended norms of consumption of alcohol, listen to yourself: your body has definitely signals that something needs to change.

If you eat right, get down on time and avoid stress at work, but still feel tired and unwell, the face in the morning, raised, tender, skin — dry, and in addition I really want to eat and drink, think: maybe it is not the lack of some vitamins or fatigue, but only in a few extra alcoholic cocktails, without which you for a long time is one night, says medinfo.ua.

Some people can’t imagine life without spirits, while others are easy limited to a couple of glasses of wine on holidays. Tell why the first it is best to limit the consumption of alcohol, and the second is to completely abandon it once and for all.

Clear skin

All alcoholic drinks lead to severe dehydration. The fact that the liver is quick to detect poison and metabolizes alcohol, and the kidneys, in turn, begin to actively excrete decay products. Of course, all this is strongly reflected in the skin, which becomes dry, flabby and lost their tone.

Avoid drinking alcohol at all — and you will see results in just a few days the skin will become clean, will look radiant and hydrated. Plus: a person will no longer painfully swollen and bags under the eyes will disappear.

The training progress

Alcohol is disruptive to the muscles, prevents their growth and, consequently, prevents us from moving forward in our training process. Alcoholic drinks not only do not give us progress, but also hinder the process of recovery after exhausting training.

Eliminating alcohol from your diet, you are going to feel better, recover faster, and long-awaited progress in the form of lean muscle mass, and burn fat will not keep you waiting.

Arrow on the scales creep down

The American experts do not get tired to emphasize that alcohol plays a role in the accumulation of extra pounds. It slows down our metabolism, contains lots of calories that we always forget to count, but still scary increases appetite.

After a week without alcohol you will notice that your metabolism has come to order, and the excess water that previously kept the alcohol out of the body and the arrow on the scale moved from a dead point on a couple of kilos in your favor.

Free time and saved money

Have you ever tried to calculate how much money per month or per year do you spend on alcohol? The total amount struck you so much that you’d decided to do away with this harmful habit. And how many amazing outfits you could buy with that money…

Saying alcohol is “no”, you will see how much free time have appeared in your life. This is especially true of the time that you spent, suffering a severe hangover in the entire first half of the day, and even the whole day.

Psychological, physical, emotional resilience

The effects of alcohol in something like the effect of sugar on our body. Getting the desired “dose”, we feel satisfaction and a boost of energy, not receiving it, we feel a sharp breakdown. Such chemical races cause we have a strong relationship, we are harder to cope with stress, suffer headache, and even depression, and sleep becomes disrupted, unhealthy: all this recent research in this area. We tired out even before starting to work.

The people who refuse to drink, fall asleep faster, asleep strong, healthy sleep, completely restore the strength of the body, easier to Wake up.

No overeating

Alcohol is the strongest aperitif: according to research, it enhances our senses, thereby making us more responsive to flavorful meals and prompting to eat more. After one comes a new addiction — food, the consequences of which are according to the severity even compete with alcohol: excess weight, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, and liver disease. The list is very long.

Removing alcohol from your main menu, you will not only reduce the consumption of unnecessary calories, but will not eat too much, getting rid of the annoying of a false sense of hunger. Thoughts on the harmful snacks will eventually be gone, and you, without even noticing, begin to give preference to healthy, nutritious food and a healthy diet in General.