Vadim Rabinovich: “In Switzerland, four official languages, it does not prevent them to thrive”

Position. According to the Association of chartered and certified accountants, the shadow economy in Ukraine is 1 trilliard 95 billion. Against this background, the government intends to increase the minimum retail prices for alcohol. So, the cheapest vodka in retail will cost not less than 85 hryvnia, which contributes to an even greater transition, in particular, the vodka market in the underground. The intention to introduce visas with Russia is questionable from an economic point of view. What guided the authorities in taking this decision? About these and other events, we spoke with the Deputy leader of the party “For life” Vadim Rabinovicheat.


People’s Deputy of Ukraine and the leader of the political party “For life” Vadym Rabinovich on air of the Odessa channel “Glas” on the question of the leader, as a politician views the political situation in the country, said the following: “as regards the political situation, then it is possible to look in your refrigerator. The income of Ukrainian families — the only real indicator of the political situation. I read today the statement of the Prime Minister that we are much better, that pensions have increased. All who are in power tell us that to live well, opposition is what is bad. There is a real refrigerator. Open your fridge and your budget for the month. If you with this power have a better life, the government is cool. If you have the situation is catastrophic, so we have a catastrophically bad government”, — said the MP.

“I keep advocating for the construction of a Swiss management model, it can be built in Ukraine. Switzerland is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Does anyone know the name of the President? No. And they feel great. Seven Ministers in Switzerland. Also no one knows their names. In Switzerland, in Lugano they say in Italian, at Geneva in French in Zurich — in German. Four of the state language did not prevent them to thrive,” continues Vadim Rabinovich.

Politician gives examples of how our government uses controversial topics to divert people’s attention from the crisis in the economy. “Our parasites, when you can’t run the state, raise the issues of language, war, relations with its neighbors. Our power to prevent those who have fled the country: that Lazarenko, who escaped 20 years ago, Yanukovich. Take a look at the political figures of the 20, 15, 10, 5 years ago: it’s the same faces. Most importantly, Ukrainians, do not select those who your house has been robbed again,” warns the leader of the party “For life”.


Experts of the Association of chartered and certified accountants assessed the size of the shadow economy of Ukraine 1 trilliard 95 billion, or 45% of the country’s GDP. Worse, this figure in only two countries – Azerbaijan (in the shadow economy 2/3) and Nigeria (50%). “The economy enjoys a simple and intuitive solution. As soon as medium and small businesses will be able to breathe, we immediately see the result. It proved even the Communists, opening the NEP and raising the country. We need today to understand that no one, except for small and medium businesses, to raise not. We need two years to release small and medium business from taxes, from all tests that they are crushed from morning to evening. And this is not declarative, as each one cries, but just legally banned — and all”, — said the MP.

According to him, the second important moment in the fight against the shadow economy, fighting corruption. “You are renaming buildings, streets, cities. To build you need anything?” — asks the leader of the party “For life”.

We will remind, the party leader “For life” Vadim Rabinovich calls to be held in Ukraine early parliamentary elections. According to the oppositionist, it is the only way to change the current situation in the country.


Vadim Rabinovich, commenting on the planned increase in the price of alcohol, said: “first, they underestimated the Ukrainian people. I think of moonshine, we still can beat them all. Second, increasing the price of alcohol — it was always a bad PR campaign of the authorities, and end it filthy. Thirdly, a few months ago was a brilliant tobacco. Indeed, the General Prosecutor’s office grappled with the tobacco giant, with the result that all was quiet, and the price of tobacco has increased twice”.

According to the leader of the party “For life”, raising the price of alcohol is a dangerous decision. “Of course, I understand that it is best to take it out on people, but guys, you have once more carefully. Even the Communists understood that to raise the price of bread and vodka is very dangerous”, — says the politician.

Note that the government intends to increase the minimum retail prices for alcohol. So, the cheapest vodka in retail will cost not less than 85 hryvnia. According to estimates of the Association of suppliers of retail chains, the share of shadow production of vodka today is about 80%.


Vadim Rabinovich said that Ukrainians who leave to work abroad, are one of the largest components of the budget. “Indeed, our “guest workers” who spread rot and Rob at borders back and forth, nothing encouraged, now are considered in pensionable service (a job abroad. — Ed.). They moved to the country more than all the investments of the year which we advertise. Some companies come to them for two million meet, they don’t mean squat here. So today we need to cherish our “guest workers”, because they — one of the largest components of the budget”, — said the MP.

According to the opposition politician, the introduction of a visa regime with Russia is a political game, which is nothing to do with the economy have not. “The introduction of visas with Russia nothing to do with the economy has not. This is a political game that will give nothing to people. No economy, no nothing, declared victory victories are not,” — concludes the leader of the party “For life”.

According to policy, we need to build Ukraine, and not to bow to the IMF for the allocated funds. “We need to build Ukraine, and not to bow down to a billion. Will talk where are these billions, plundered, Delhi,” he States.

“You know, everyone is sick, and what to do? They say the election is not. But we will try. I think we all try” — said the politician.

Vadim Rabinovich recalled that in Ukraine there is still no conditions for comfortable life of the population. “Today (2 Jul. — Ed.) in Kropyvnyts’ke generally three days off the water. Listen: in a huge regional center of Ukraine three days just no water. For two hours he promised not to give neither cold nor hot water. How can this be, explain it to me? That is the root of the problem. How can it be that permanently take it out only on the payers? Do not produce anything, no economy, the balance of international negative. And who is responsible? People. Even put, anything else Rob,” — said the MP.

Eugene Blonski