To +30 degrees Celsius in Ukraine returns the heat

Over the weekend in Ukraine is expected warming to +30 degrees.

As reported in Facebook forecaster Natalia Didenko, tomorrow summer will start to return to Ukraine. On Friday in the southern part of the country, daytime temperature will be resort + 24..+ 27 degrees.

“In General, in most fields 18 through 23 degrees. And only in the North of Volyn and Rivne region still breathe in the freshness of autumn, + 17..+ 21 degrees. Light rain is possible in Eastern regions, also in Poltava and Zaporozhye”, – adds Natalia Didenko.

The forecaster notes that most of the territory of Ukraine on 8 September will be dominated by dry weather.


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In Kiev tomorrow will also be dry and moderately warm during the day will be + 18..+ 20 degrees.

This weekend and early next week, according to the forecaster, the Ukrainians will experience a significant warming of up to 25-30 degrees.

Recall that climatologists Central geophysical Observatory im. Sreznevsky summed up the past summer. According to observations, the average temperature in Kiev this summer was +21,1°Cwhich is 2.4°C above normal.