How to be successful: the story of billionaire Elon musk

The name Elon musk, no one questioned, heard, perhaps, everything, and the success story of 46-year-old billionaire is admired by many.

The entrepreneur, who earned the first state in the amount of $ 180 million on the sale of Paypal, the company eBay, Musk has continued his career with the launch of SpaceX – a private company, jolted the space industry in 2002, and Tesla – manufacturer of all-electric cars in a year.

Having studied the life and experience of the Mask, entrepreneur, best-selling author Michael Simmons called three simple steps, making which we can all be as successful, reports “New time”.

Focus more than one subject

Although we are often told that in order to become the best at something, we should focus exclusively on this space, Simmons insists that we, like the Mask should break this rule.

As well as the experience of the Mask varies from rocket science and engineering to artificial intelligence and physics, if you study some areas, you are more likely to obtain an informational advantage over all other.

Such people are known as “expert-universalist” – a person who studies widely in many area, understand the deeper principles and then applies them to their main specialization.

Learn how to transfer their knowledge

As a teenager, Musk is known to read two books a day in the endless list of disciplines, including science fiction, philosophy, religion and programming. And it is this thirst for knowledge allowed him to understand different items.

Thus, Musk has been able to gain knowledge in more than one area and to transfer something learned in one context and apply it to another.

This technique is known as “moving knowledge”, and the Musk in this is brilliant, and, although there is no fixed equation of success, it is definitely a good place to start.

Explore and construct

Analyzing several interviews, Simmons was able to identify a two-step process that uses the Mask for a better transfer of knowledge.

The first of them is the study. It is important to look at many different examples when we study something. Simmons notes that to be successful, you need to “explore the many different approaches to deconstruct each, and then compare and contrast”.

The second stage of the process of transfer of knowledge includes the re-establishment of the principles that have been studied in separate fields. For example, the laws of the aerospace industry to create SpaceX, automotive technology – for the creation of Tesla and technology to create Paypal.

Simmons also suggests that constant question to himself: “What this reminds me of?” and “Why it reminds me about this?” will help hone your skills.