The widely publicized hearings of Jeff and Roman sessions yielded nothing

If the testimony of James Comey to the Senate intelligence Committee last week to call the Washington super bowl, the Tuesday hearing Jeff and Roman sessions will pull no more than ostentatious match with the stars. It was a rather pointless event that didn’t expect, but which, nevertheless, was loudly advertised. The media trembled with excitement in anticipation for this and Roman sessions, although it is unclear what is so special he can say to cause such a fuss. He recused himself and refused to participate in the investigation of Russia’s actions, isn’t it? So what he is able to report breaking news?

According to the senators, they wanted to focus on statements made last week behind closed doors James Comey. He said that sessions could meet at the hotel “Mayflower” with the ubiquitous Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. If so, then sessions communicated with Kislyak three times, although the attorney General had previously argued that during the election campaign he had no contacts with Russians.

When the senators began to push him, sessions said that conversations about the proposed meeting in the “Mayflower” is nonsense. He admitted that he was present at the event, and that Kislyak was there too; but said he did not remember any conversations with him other than a possible brief exchange of pleasantries. Thus, it has resolved the annoying question, did you speak with current senators and with the Trustees of the election headquarters of the Russian Ambassador, whose job is to talk to current senators and with the Trustees of the campaign. The most important statement about Kislyak and Roman sessions was also the most banal: “I have met many people who wanted to argue in the interests of their countries”. It happens all the time.

But Democrats methodically interrogated and Roman sessions on this subject, as if his memory would suddenly earn, and he’d say, “you Know what, Senator Warner, I really made a deal with the Russian Ambassador on the transfer of nuclear codes to the Kremlin after his election trump. I just forgot about it.” Even if the sessions met with Kislyak a hundred times, it means nothing because there’s no ominous evidence. There’s nothing there. As for the investigation of an alleged conspiracy headquarters of the trump with Russia, which is special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, the hands and Roman sessions predictably empty. As noted earlier, he was a few months ago recused himself.

So what’s the problem? For detractors of President these hearings have been much less associated with the analysis of evidence and clues, and more — collection of imaginary bread crumbs along the trail leading out of trump Tower in Moscow. They also had the opportunity to humiliate an ally of the President. Hence the intolerable effusions about the controversial and slightly smacks of McCarthyism interrogation techniques Senator Kamala Harris (Kamala Harris) (“did you have any contacts with some Russian businessmen, or with some Russian citizens?”) This caused a very emotional reaction from and Roman sessions, but it gave nothing. The attorney-General during his testimony quite often snapped, especially in the beginning when he criticized the insinuations of collusion with the Russians, calling them “horrible and disgusting lie”. “I did not refuse the protection of honor and dignity,” he said. It seems that sessions said it quite seriously.

And then he apparently got used to the innuendo and omissions. Today’s hearing did not change anyone else’s point of view, and gave nothing but another seizure in the cable media. Sessions are partly to blame for their troubles. He could fully withdraw from the zone of the damaging effect of charges, if recused himself earlier and more openly talked about his contacts with Kislyak. But he also became a victim of circumstances beyond his control, namely, the behavior of the trump and frantically search the media agents of the FSB, to spy around every corner. So the show will go on. Maybe the media should abandon this show to be patient and to wait for the findings of the special Prosecutor?

Matt purple, the Deputy chief editor of the Rare Politics.