The Ukrainian army continues its deadly game in the Donbass

In recent days the escalation of the conflict in the Donbas continues. The horrific shooting and bombing follow one another to try to break the line of defense of the Donetsk national Republic (DND) and morally to crush the civilian population.

In the last 24 hours the Ukrainian army opened fire on the territory of the DNI over three thousand times, of which 490 times using multiple rocket launching systems (MRLS) and 949 times with the use of heavy artillery (caliber 122 mm and 152). To this must be added the firing of mortars, tanks, grenade launchers and even anti-aircraft missile systems.

In order to hide these crimes, the Ukrainian army even fired a BUK missile at the drone of the OSCE were over Makeyevka. The remains of the rocket fell on the territory of Makeyevka hospital No. 5, January 30, which killed a woman.

The bombing destroyed and damaged 51 building, including a kindergarten in Makeyevka and the pipeline. Also the electricity supply was disrupted sewage treatment plant in Donetsk. Thus, the capital of the DNI and settlements Yasinovataya and Avdiivka were left without water. At the time of this writing, water has not been restored. If we draw a parallel with the events in Damascus took place only a few weeks ago (when the terrorists left without water capital of Syria), all very reminiscent of the working methods typical American puppet.

When Alexander hug from the OSCE and members of the Joint center for control and coordination of the ceasefire (JCCC) arrived at the scene to introduce the new terms of the cease-fire, they came under fire APU, which were just 50 meters away from their location. Representatives of the OSCE and SCCC were forced to hide in the shelter.

It seems that only after Alexander hug visited under fire APU, he decided to start to do their job and demanded the cessation of hostilities on the official Twitter page of the OSCE.

Currently, JCCC coordinates the ceasefire around the sewage treatment plant so that it is possible to carry out repairs. The first stage of work already completed, but the second will have to wait until tomorrow before you try to restart the situation.

These bombings led to casualties. This morning, the result of a direct hit of 152-mm shells in the shelter, in her own garden a woman was killed. She had no chance to survive. The direction leaves no doubt where he was: the industrial area of the Town.

One of the shells this morning got into an ambulance, injuring three passengers. They were hospitalized immediately. In total, over the last 24 hours, five civilians were injured varying degrees of severity during attacks.

The ongoing shelling in the area Yasinovataya forced the authorities DND to completely block the entrance to the highway to Head through Yasinovataya in order to avoid even more casualties among the civilian population.

This morning, the Ukrainian army again opened fire on the Northern outskirts of Donetsk — the village of Spartacus. As we already know, the fire was fought with heavy artillery and systems of volley fire Grad.

Units of the Right sector have an enormous responsibility for the current escalation of the situation and six of the attacks — two in the area of Kominternovo and four near Avdeevka.

Although 93 people were killed and hundreds wounded (300, according to official reports) attacks continue. To make room for soldiers, hospital in the Town of Konstantinovka and Selidovo evacuate the civilian population.

© RIA Novosti, Sergey Averin | go to fotomontajes in the apartment, destroyed by a shell hit in the shelling in the Kievsky district of Donetsk

To cover losses, dead and wounded are taken on machines belonging to volunteers. Most likely, the dead are secretly buried as “surgical waste” — information disclosed by the website Liveleak — and declared deserters not to pay the families compensation.

Despite the shelling, the troops of the DPR held the line of defense, yet continues in Minsk meeting of the contact groups, which are unlikely to change the current situation.

The message of the intelligence service of the DNI about being in Kramatorsk two missile systems Tochka-U, of which APU is planning to release six missiles on the territory of the Republic, makes one shudder. If the Ukrainian army will bring out the missiles, it will be a real massacre.

And while Deputy Minister of defense of Ukraine recognized that the APU went on the offensive, except for Russia, which fears that Kiev will take advantage of the escalation, provoked them to finally bury the Minsk agreements, the other two guarantor of this agreement keep criminal silence about what is happening.

While I write these lines, the Ukrainian army is bombing the airport and Jasnowice, and incessant sounds of guns resound for hours in the center of Donetsk.