Scientists have figured out what day of the week, most often occur suicide

United States citizens often get into accidents and die on Saturday and Sunday, and decide to commit suicide on Monday and Tuesday, as indicated by statistics published by the Centers for control and prevention (CDC).

Such discoveries, as scientists hope will help politicians and officials to change the health system so that it helped to save the lives of maximum number of people.

On average, over the past two years every day from suicide, died, 121, 103 Americans were victims of cars, and 49 of their fellow citizens were killed by other people. The number of deaths from these three causes in different days of the week, as scholars have noted, was very different.

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For example, traffic accidents often kill people on the weekends – Saturday and Sunday the number of victims of road accidents is higher than the number of suicides. The least likely cars to take lives on Monday, and the number of their victims increases smoothly as it moves to weekends.

Among suicides, the exact opposite pattern – their peak on Monday, and the minimum number of suicides is typical for the weekend. The number of “ordinary” murders, in turn, remains practically constant throughout the week, with the exception of small bursts on weekends.

Both are likely caused by some social factors, which doctors have yet to reveal.