The US role in the Syrian crisis is greater than ever

History of the Syrian conflict counts the sixth year, and now the interventionist role of the USA and Israel, supporting in this conflict, militants and terrorist groups became more obvious. Simultaneously with the beginning of a new phase of negotiations in Astana, in which Russia, Iran and Turkey agreed on the establishment of zones of de-escalation, which has already markedly reduced the severity of the confrontation in the civil war, the other “actors” of the conflict, such as the US and Israel have become closer in the way of intervention in the conflict. While at the meetings in Astana, at the very least began to be traced the vague outlines of the future of national reconciliation, the same two players together with coalition prevailing in the region around Saudi Arabia, pose risks of further escalation and the deepening of civil conflict. To some extent, are adjacent and Kurdish groups from Rozhava (Syrian Kurdistan — approx. lane), which despite its initial role to the conflict now actually become “pawns” of the US on the battlefield. As European countries have reduced the degree of their participation in the conflict, the role of the “stokers” hot war even more apparent moves to Washington, tel Aviv and Riyadh. For example, Emmanuel macron shortly after winning the presidential election, openly stated that no longer believes the departure of Bashar al-Assad a priority for Syrian settlement, and Qatar, which had previously supported a number of jihadist groups, now found himself in a state of conflict with its neighbors in the Persian Gulf. The current “triumvirate” or “axis” supporters of an escalation of the conflict, the Washington — tel Aviv- Riyadh all his behavior proves that not only does not want the end of these troubles and tragedies, but on the contrary, fills in “vacancies” the same external players in the conflict and exacerbating the crisis.

Shot on Saturday 24th June by Israel on positions of the Syrian government forces engaged in the struggle with the groups, “Dzhabhat-EN-Nusra” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) in the Golan heights proves that the mentioned anti-Syrian “Axis” conflict tends to disrupt hardly improving the mechanisms of the armistice in identified “areas of de-escalation”. The reason for Saturday’s attacks by the Israeli armed forces by the government forces of the Syrian Arab Republic in the Golan heights, became, “actuation of an explosive device of unknown origin, set in the open countryside away from settlements without causing any damage and not resulting in human sacrifice” (according to the official representative of the Israeli Armed forces for the Associated Press). But the impact of the Israelites on the Northern slopes of the Golan heights led to the destruction of two tanks belonging to the Syrian Armed forces. The same representative of the Israel defense forces acknowledged that, “the Golan heights came under rocket attacks or mortar fire, rockets and mortar shells were fired by the opposing forces by mistake, in Israeli territory.” The statement of the representative of the Israeli Armed forces, peacekeeping troops, concentrated in the area, criticized for violations of the armistice agreement of 1974, and the application of such attacks (by Israel — approx. TRANS.) are recognized as legitimate. While still in all cases, when the Syrian territory was carried out mortar fire on Israel temporarily occupied areas, the UN peacekeepers have never confirmed that these attacks were conducted with the participation of Syrian government forces.


Also the prevailing view that these attacks were carried out either by terrorist groups or the armed opposition, which is fighting against government forces under the control of the Damascus to create a suitable occasion for the application of Israeli armed forces of blows on the positions of Syrian government forces. A few days before these attacks the General Gadi Gadi eizenkot, chief of staff of the IDF, speaking at a scientific-practical conference in one of the universities, made the confession that Israel provides logistical support for some armed groups opposed to the Assad government. At the same time, and many of the former senior Israeli military and intelligence officials, Israel has repeatedly admitted that the Israeli military, in full view of observers of the UN peacekeeping forces along the Syrian-Israeli border, transferred ammunition and weapons available to the Syrian opposition. In previous years, experts and independent journalists gave their stories the documentary evidence that the militants of Syrian armed opposition injured in the battle against under the control of Assad forces, then transported into Israel to receive medical care and treatment in Israeli hospitals. These claims were either denied by the official media of the government of Beniamin Netanyahu, or accompanied by the silence of the Israeli side.

When the IG (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) has suffered some major defeats and lost control over many areas, and to “Astana” and to agreements about areas of de-escalation was joined by most of the rebel groups, at the current stage of the Syrian crisis formed the “Axis” of opponents of the Syrian settlement, the U.S. — Israel — Saudi Arabia. For the same reason the war front and the fields of operations gradually shifted to the area of Raqqa, Deir-ez-Zor, HOMS province, and also in areas adjacent to the border zone Syria — Jordan. It is just those areas that are expected in the coming months left terrorist groups under the control of the IG. To prevent a successful attack by Syrian government forces, the forces of the “coalition” and their main supporters tend to be here to take “alternative” position to further escalation of the conflict. The current unprecedented deterioration of relations between the Russian and American military commanders after the destruction of the su-22 the Syrian air force in the area of Raqqa coalition American fighter F-18 is regarded as a result of this new alignment of forces on the “Syrian front”. Unfortunately, grouping Rozhava who previously had no other purpose but “the struggle for the protection of lands inhabited by Kurds”, now why-that operate in populated by Arabs raqqa that has nothing to do with the aforementioned slogan. Ground forces at the disposal of the American command also has become one of the mechanisms described above, a new crisis scenario.


© AP Photo, Mursel Coban, Depo Photos, FileБойцы the Kurdish people’s protection Units (YPG), a portrait of the leader of the PKK Abdullah Ocalan


It seems that restructuring in the upper echelons of Rozhava and away from the center-left anarchist model in the image group, Abdullah Ocalan, in the direction of the model implemented by a group of Massoud Barzani, changes the form and the content movement that will be decisive in the Syrian conflict. With the collapse of the initial plan to eliminate the government of Bashar al-Assad is now under the leadership of the new “coalition” is a new plan for the dismemberment of Syria, and isolation of the territory, which will remain under the control of the Damascus government. On the North side this plan is carried out the United States, using Kurdish groups from South the USA and Saudi Arabia, occupying areas on the border with Jordan, and if possible, and on the border with Iraq. The territory on the Lebanese and Israeli borders monitors the tel Aviv regime, which also uses its dominance over the areas of the Golan heights and surroundings of the province of Kenitra. Thus, a new scenario regarding the Syrian crisis is interpreted as part of the mosaic of geopolitical changes in the region, which may face the regional and international players that support opposing sides of the conflict. The strengthening of the Russian-American confrontation in recent years is precisely in line with these changes and the emerging new balance of forces. This time the main players of this conflict, sitting opposite each other, will enter a new phase of confrontation, but at a much more serious level.