In Canada going to allow the duel

The Minister of justice of Canada Jody Wilson-Reybold said about the amendments to the legislation aimed at updating the criminal justice system. In a statement the government said that the criminal code “will be amended and repealed a number of provisions of the criminal code to ensure that code and make the law more relevant to modern society,” writes “life”.

I’m proud of our progress in updating & modernizing the Criminal Code. We have more to do, and every step helps.

— Min. Wilson-Raybould (@MinJusticeEn) 6 Jun 2017

For many years Canadians were forbidden to participate in combat, however, the government intends to resurrect the tradition. Previously, for the challenges and attempts to provoke a person to participate in the duel were given a penalty of two years imprisonment.

Historical records show that the last duel in Canada, in which the person died, was recorded in 1838.

Five of the strange laws that are going to be abolished in canadian law:

A law prohibiting the promise of reward for the return of stolen property
A law prohibiting to print, distribute and make public the comic books about crime
A law prohibiting the publication of blasphemous libel
A law that prohibits fraudsters to pretend they do.
A law prohibiting the release of brands