As Russia has again become “our enemy”

Politicians, pundits of the corporate media and talking heads keep saying the United States Americans that Russia is their enemy — “hostile state”. This statement has become the norm. To justify and prove its not necessary.

Let’s not talk about intervened if “Russia is our enemy” in the presidential elections of 2016 in the interests of Donald trump and how she did it. Forget about the glaring absence of any evidence and proof to support these charges and think about how and why Putin’s Russia has become “our enemy”.

Those of us old enough to remember the long cold war era, the assignment of Russia of the title of the main enemy of the United States does not seem unnatural and paradoxical. Since the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 until the collapse of the Marxist-Leninist Soviet Union and its Eastern European satellites in the early 1990-ies Russia was an ideological and political enemy of Western capitalist “elite.”

The Soviet Union was not a Paradise for workers. Despite the formal commitment to the ideas of Marx and Engels, it was the militant hierarchical class society, which was ruled by a despotic state. After the Second world war, the Soviet Union brutal methods to retain power over Eastern Europe and East Germany. However, in the Soviet era, Russia has created outside the framework of capitalism urbanized and industrialized society with a real civilizational achievements (this could include the universal system of lifelong health, housing, food security, impressive education system and culture). Soviet Union alone paved the way to a future without the capitalist class and the bourgeoisie, doing it in the name of socialism. For this reason, he represented a political and ideological threat to the Western capitalism led by the United States and also for Washington’s plans in relation to the periphery of the third world, whose development America wanted to subjugate the needs of the rich countries (USA, Western Europe and Japan) from the kernel of the capitalist world.

Honest American soldiers of the cold war understand that the real the Soviet threat is not some kind of serious military danger and political risk, because communism attracted poor countries and peoples (including the lower strata of society and the working class in rich countries). Despite the fact that proclaimed the American doctrine of containment after the Second world war, the ruling Soviet bureaucracy was more thinking of global expansion and world revolution, and about how to maintain iron control over its domestic and regional Empire. However, it is “constrained… the worst manifestations of Western violence” (Noam Chomsky), providing military and other aid to third world countries turned the US and the West in the targets (among them were China, Korea, Indonesia, Egypt, Syria, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos). In parallel, the USSR was an example of independent development outside the world capitalist system, led by a superpower with headquarters in Washington, and the confrontation of the superpower.

From the perspective of Washington, to promote the idea of “open doors” and even worse was the fact that the Soviet Empire had vast natural and human resources, are protected from exploitation always seeking the profit of global capital.

This was more than enough to put on a USSR stamp global enemy number one, which he did after the Second world war, the us ruling elite, which, unlike Moscow, was a truly planetary Imperial ambitions.

In the early 1990s, the Soviet power of deterrence and the alternative to capitalism-imperialism headed by the USA have failed once and for all. Washington celebrated the victory unpunished invasion of Panama and Iraq. President George H. W. Bush, whose hands were stained in blood, was jubilant about the fact that in the new post-Soviet unipolar world “as we say, so be it”. I’m not very free and not very market capitalism under the financial supervision of the US and the West, and began to live in accordance with the wild rules of austerity and inequality imposed by her neo-liberal “Washington consensus.” Chomsky in 1991 understood everything correctly. “With the fall of Soviet tyranny — he wrote, — it is expected that the majority of the region will return to its traditional (subordinate) position, and the former bureaucracy of the highest levels of government will play the role of the elite of the third world, which is enriched by and serves the interests of foreign investors.” The consequences were disastrous for many millions of ordinary Russians.

West said, “Welcome to the meat grinder” and “Enjoy your newfound freedom to starve and die young”. Soviet tyranny was transformed into a Wonderland for the oligarchs, neoliberal wasteland, where unprecedented luxury and wealth lucky Units coexisted with a decline in living and social standards of the Masses. Russia remains capitalist nightmare and a Playground for plutocrats.

So, what happened? As “our” superfrog cold war again became “our” new “main enemy” after a quarter-century after the fall of the Berlin wall? The main reason that the proud Russia in the post-cold war period has experienced many humiliations and betrayals on the part of the slave States of the West. At the national / nationalist dictator Putin (a former KGB Colonel who knows the habits and customs of the West) she off the hook. She had remained natural and military resources, as well as of patriotism, to challenge the arrogant pretensions of the American Empire at the unpunished reign of Eurasia. The mantra “as we say, it will be” buried in a new wall of Russian power and dignity.

One of the little dirty secrets of the U.S. the cold war was that anti-communism was a pretext and a cover for Washington, which at the instigation of wall Street, sought to control the entire world system in accordance with the political and economic needs of the transnational corporate elite globalists with their slogan of “open doors”. With such an Imperial point of view, the true enemy in the cold war was not so much communism, as the struggle of peoples for national, local and regional autonomy and independence. Statues of Marx, Engels and Lenin deposed from their pedestals, but the enemy has left.

And it does not matter that Russia is not a “socialist”. National and regional resistance to the master of the world uncle Sam was enough to call Putin the new Hitler, and Russia attacking the us political elite and the media as an evil enemy. Recently, it is very well written Mike Whitney (Mike Whitney) in his essay in CounterPunch:

“What Russia did to deserve all these negative feedback from the press and unsubstantiated allegations of criminal interference?… And you look at the map. The last 16 years, the United States rampant in North Africa, the middle East and Central Asia. Washington wants to control vital oil reserves and natural gas in the middle East, establish military bases throughout Central Asia and to remain a dominant player in the region, which will certainly become the most populous and prosperous in the world…

But one country has upset these plans, have blocked, derailed. Russia. Russia stopped the bloody marauding and excesses of Washington in Ukraine and in Syria, and so the American foreign policy establishment very angry. The American elite are not accustomed to the obstacles.

The last quarter of a century after the fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the world was silent, looking at Washington’s actions. If the US President suddenly wanted to attack the middle Eastern country, destroy a million people and leave in its place a Smoking ruin, then who could stop him? No. Because Washington, D.C. — he’s the boss on this fucking planet, and all the rest are just guests. Okay?

But now everything has changed. Now evil Putin blocked the way of American hegemony in Syria and Ukraine. Now the Washington bridge to Central Asia split into two parts, and the American plan to establish control over the major pipeline corridors from Qatar to the EU failed. Russia stopped the plans of Washington, and he was furious.

Anti-Russian hysteria in the Western media is not inferior to the pain that is currently experiencing the American foreign policy establishment. What is the cause of the suffering of this foreign policy establishment? Yes, he just can’t succeed. All elementary. Its global strategy has collapsed because Russia did not allow Washington to overthrow the Syrian government, to install there own puppet regime, to redraw the map of the Middle East and to tighten its control over the once war-torn region.

So now Putin’s need to demonize and ridicule. The American people must be taught to hate Russia and everything Russian. Russia must be blame for everything that happens in the world.”

Forget about allegations of collusion trump with Russia. The main problem with trump is that he came to the White house is not the establishment that rules the country, and has nothing to do with the elite of the Council on foreign relations (Council on Foreign Relations). In contrast to the knit of the American Imperial elite, yellow-haired savage never understood concocted Zbignevas endorsed by Brzezinski and David Rockefeller a Memorandum of this Council about the terrible threat that Moscow still is for “wards of the United States in the international system”. Candidate trump has shown that he cannot enjoy the confidence of the ruling class, as he admired the autocratic machismo of Putin and urged Obama and Hillary Clinton to abandon the reckless provocation of the Kremlin in a manner Brzezinski in Eastern Europe and Syria. They were foolish urged to normalize relations with this sweeping vodka Eurasian power, which has risen from the grave to once again become Washington’s “universal punching bag” (Whitney).

And when Herr Donald, ironically, came to the White house, defeating the leader of the Russophobes and “false neoliberal instigator of the war,” Hillary Clinton, hatred of Russia has acquired a new and very seductive political importance among Democrats and their numerous allies in the American media. Storyline “Rashahat” became an irresistible temptation for these forces for three main reasons. First, they naturally wanted to deprive the administration to trump legitimacy in the very beginning of its activities is quite standard reasons of party affiliation. They felt that if to throw trump in tar and feathers and call him a treacherous friend of the main foreign enemy, it will benefit them.

Second, senior advocates of NATO expansion, and new soldiers of the cold war from both major parties (such as John McCain) and the media don’t want to weaken the pressure on Moscow. Groundless accusations of Russia in the hacker attacks and the agreement became a weapon in the Arsenal of those nakladoveho that they aim at trump, not allowing him to fulfill his promises of reconciliation with Russia. A Scam called “Rachawat” became the reason why this Amateur Twitter considers it necessary to tumble to demand that Russia return Crimea to Ukraine and theatrical runs 59 cruise missiles at Syrian airbase.

Third, the allegations of Russian intervention is partly heard to the national Committee of the Democratic party and its leadership to avoid responsibility for electoral defeat in 2016. The Democrats nominated a lifeless, corrupt and fallen hostage to wall Street candidate (the aforementioned a lying instigator of the war) and spent the inept and arrogant campaign that just couldn’t draw the side of the Democratic party a sufficient number of voters from the lower strata of society and from the working class to win over the unpleasant and unpopular trump in the key States of the type Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan and Ohio. The mantra that “Moscow stole the election,” it’s a ridiculous fantasy, like the story of a scapegrace, his homework ate the dog (or bear). This is a pathetic result for a swollen of dollars to the Democratic party that threw the working class to the mercy of fate and have long abandoned the struggle for peace, social justice and environmental protection.

“False opposition party” (it is an apt name Walin the late Sheldon (Sheldon Wolin) gave the neo-liberal Democrats) doesn’t want long, carefully and honestly look at what she has become. She did not want to give to those who naively dreams of its transformation into a truly national opposition party with a bold progressive programme and plan of action. The words “Russia did” help from establishment Democrats, who hope to contain the demands of the leftist-progressive-populist party members.

Such perverse political logic supports pomacanthidae strange anti-Russian frenzy that is rooted in the Imperial plans of the United States, and has no relation to the Russian influence on American life and politics.