The results of the week: Ukrainians continue to increase debts for utilities services and EN masse don’t trust doctors


UAH 100 million

allocated by the Cabinet of Ministers on elimination of consequences of a fire at an artillery Arsenal near the city of Balakleya in Kharkiv region and 20.6 million UAH. dedicated State service for emergency situations (SSES). These funds will be taken from the contingency Fund of the state budget.


the Board of Directors of the IMF needs to consider the third review of the eff the EFF for Ukraine. About this informed the head of representation of Fund in Ukraine Jerome Yours. The completion of the third revision opens the opportunity to receive a tranche in the amount of about $1 billion.

increased to 19,5 billion UAH

debt of Ukrainians for utilities for February. Debt to pay for Central heating and hot water increased by 6.7% and reached 11.9 billion UAH. reported state statistics Committee. Debt for maintenance of houses, constructions and house adjoining territories has not changed and amounts to 2,5 billion UAH. for the removal of household waste have not changed in 400 million UAH. for centralized water supply and Sewerage decreased by 6.7% and amounted to UAH 1.4 billion.

75 markets

said the economy in the project “Export strategy of Ukraine” as such, where the country does not fully use the trade potential, thus has received less about $6 billion In this list are USA, Germany, UK, France, Japan, Canada, etc.

increased by 18%

real wages in Ukraine in February 2017, compared with February 2016, and 2.3% in comparison with January of 2017, reported the state statistics service. The average nominal wage of full-time employees in February 2017 in comparison with January-2017 increased by 3.3%, while in annual terms – by 35.4%, amounting to UAH 6209.

within 20% of normal

in recent years the filling level of the rivers in Ukraine – the country is beginning to suffer from water shortages, said the Minister of ecology and natural resources of Ostap, Semerak. According to him, today in Ukraine there is not a single lake or river, where water quality would be at the level of the first class.

2 billion UAH

military tax entered in the budget during January-February, said the SFS. This year the payment of this fee compared to the corresponding period last year increased by 465,4 million UAH. or by 30.7%.

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254 thousand UAH

proceeds for the sculpture of Lenin, which was sold at auction – like bidding took place for the first time in Ukraine. The sale took place in the city of Chop of Zakarpattia region, the buyer was a citizen of Hungary, to whom this sculpture need for a Museum of Soviet monuments.

20 billion UAH

you will need to Finance all benefit programs in Ukraine in 2018, said Minister of social policy Andrei Reva.

3 million UAH

can be given to 20 doctors of science aged up to 45 years in the form of grants to draft the relevant decree of the President of Ukraine approved by the Cabinet.

in the amount of UAH 1.7 bn

The agrarian Fund plans to enter into with farmers agreements under the spring forward campaign. We were promised that the purchase price of grain on the forward market. The amount of the advance payment will be 65% of the total cost of production.

69% of patients

in Ukraine self-medicate – these are the results of a study conducted in the framework of the USAID project. The reasons for such a high level – the high cost of medical services, distrust of doctors and low treatment culture of the citizens themselves. 52% were consuming drugs on the recommendations of friends or following advice from the Internet. 49% refused treatment due to lack of money. 97% paid for medicines during outpatient treatment, the same amount paid under hospital treatment


such a Commission imposed Oschadbank payment of services of housing and communal services at the box office in cash. Without a fee it will be possible to pay in cash pension payment cards of the Bank. The Bank, as before, receives Commission payments via remote channels and payments


increased by 10.34 billion. or $0.55 bln

total public and publicly guaranteed debt of Ukraine in February to 1.94 trillion UAH. or $of 71.76 billion, the Finance Ministry said. According to the Ministry, the main reason for the increase in debt was the capitalization of state-owned Ukreximbank, Oschadbank and PrivatBank.


of the total electricity generation in April will be the share of nuclear power plants – this is the forecast of the Ministry of energy. The share of NPPs in the structure of electricity production in the two months of 2017 amounted to 53.2% (in January-February 2016 and 54.5%), TPPs – 38,5% (39,6%), hydro and pumped storage power plant and 6.6% (4.1%) and block-stations – 0,8% (0,9%), alternative sources – 0,8% (1%).


The Cabinet of Ministers starts the process of restructuring of the debts of utility companies for the consumed natural gas and water utilities – for the used electric energy. The restructuring mechanism envisaged in the law “On measures aimed at settlement of the debts of heat supply and heat generating organizations and enterprises of the centralized water supply and sanitation for the consumed energy” (No. 1730).

to increase by 26%

planning electricity production in 2017 compared with 2016, the state company-the operator of hydro and pumped storage “Ukrhydroenergo”. The reason for optimism is the growth of the fullness of the reservoirs (an additional influx of water by melting snow and falling spring rains).

increased 25.2%

the costs of agricultural production in January-February compared with the same period in 2016, said state statistics Committee. Similar expenditures in 2016 rose 13.5%.

increased 347 times

Ukrainian farmers in 2016, the exports of apples to the European Union in comparison with 2013, to 1.13 million tonnes, and in Asian countries – 55 times to 1.21 million tonnes, reported the press service of Ministry of agrarian policy. In 2016, the Asian countries buying Ukrainian apples at an average price of 0.44 USD/kg, the EU – 0.22 dollar, Belarus – 0.17 dollar. The average price of apples on the domestic market in 2016 amounted to 0.18 per dollar.


increased by 5.4%

the natural gas consumption of Ukraine during the heating period 2016-2017, compared with the same period of 2015-2016. The main reason is the colder weather.

60 companies

with assets of over UAH 250 million. each subject to privatization in Ukraine. About this informed the head of state property Fund of Ukraine Igor Bilous.

The world

28 Mar

Prime Minister Theresa may has signed a historic letter after the delivery of 29 March in Brussels marked the beginning of exit procedure of the Kingdom from the European Union. On the same day, the Scottish Parliament voted for the new referendum on independence. Initiators of a referendum intend to join the EU as an independent state and to remain in the European single market.


of Russians believe that Russia should recognize the self-proclaimed “DNR” and “LNR”, – it follows from the data of the opinion poll. While 30% believe that their country should not interfere and remain neutral, and 4% believe that Russia should help Ukraine to regain control over Donbass.

to raise 5-15%

price promise the world notebook manufacturers in the second half of this year. The reason for the growth is called a shortage of components for laptops due to the increased demand for smartphones.

382 tons

these are the stocks of China’s largest gold mine, recently opened in the East on the Peninsula Tsaotun. Length of the mine of about two kilometers, and the thickness of the layer is 67 m. the gold Content in the rocks is 4.52 grams per tonne. The reserves of the mine are estimated at $22 billion.

reached a new record of 35%

the level of support for US President Donald trump on March 29, the research company Gallup. After two months of presidency, the level of support Barack Obama’s was 60%, and George Bush – 50%.