A test for Ukraine, a test for the West

The aggravation of the Donbas under the plant serves as an example not just of violations of Russian gangsters of the Minsk agreements, but also the obvious additional basis for the court against Russia as the aggressor and occupier. January 31 morning, Russian troops fired at precisely four cassettes grad Avdeevka, injuring locals.

Of course, for the offensives of the Russian Federation puts forward mercenaries, that is, those who do not mind. But classic for the occupier since the beginning of aggression was used as a human shield of civilians. The Internet (even on the Pro-Russian publics) is full video of the departure hail from the city of Donetsk. It is important to note the experience of the so-called wandering mortars, which are still in 2014 in Lugansk and Donetsk thrashed from city to city and created the impression of the bombardment of the city outwardly, that at the time of aggravation of the situation with the bandits is very convenient to hold such a cynical and bloody provocation. Goal — increased tension among the already disenfranchised population and approval of dictatorship in the occupied territories. Also typical behavior of the aggressor is bluffing — at first the terrorists make a request for a cease-fire, and then, after the agreement was reached, go on the offensive. It happened on Tuesday. The attack on the Ukrainian soldiers repulsed.

As a result of increased hostilities at Avdeevka Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko cut short his visit to Munich, where he met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, on arrival in Ukrainian Ainu convened the war Cabinet, national security Council. The head of the Donetsk ACV Pavel Zhebrivsky on his page in Facebook reported regularly on the situation in the city. In particular, he writes: “Coordinated actions of heads of cities and districts of the region in case of a possible evacuation of residents of the Town. As of today (morning of 31 January. — approx. ed.), throughout the day can evacuate up to 8 thousand people. City area as of today ready to take up to 9 thousand people. In children’s institutions in the region ready at any moment to take over a thousand children. At the entrance to the city about 10 tons of food. The military has provided additional field kitchens”. For the evacuation of residents of Avdiivka 80 involved buses and two trains. Subsequently zhebrivskyi said: “One division of the Russian fighters under Avdiyivka started shooting and went on the offensive. First have requested the silence, but after 10 minutes, regrouped and went on the offensive. This is only what I was told by the commander of the 72nd brigade. Our troops repulsed the attack”. It is also reported that when fending off an attack by several militants were killed, among them the bandit, nicknamed “the Consul” (Igor Davleev). Also there was information on wound of the so-called “Givi” in the North of Donetsk.

An interesting point is that, according to Zhebrivskyi, SCCC has information about what has been written (!) guarantee from the Russian side about a temporary ceasefire in order to solve the problem with the Avdiivka coke plant, which was disconnected as a result of damage to militants the mains. If the Russian side in writing can guarantee a ceasefire that is not this document mediate recognition of the fact that it was the Kremlin initiated the attacks? However, even declared a temporary lull the bandits continued to produce incomplete ammunition loads of hail in the direction of Avdiivka. Subsequently zhebrivskyi said that the Russian Federation has refused to give assurances of a cease-fire — again the expected reception.

“In the plant for local residents is really a critical situation, — says the “Day” the press officer of the 72nd brigade (OMBRE) Olena mokrenchuk. — The city has no electricity, no heating in this bitter cold, no water. Due to the fact that there is no electricity, no connectivity. At 5:40 am on January 31, militants had fired the old part of the Town hail. 160 missile warheads arrived there. On civilians was released in a four pack that says that it is not the fault of the artillery, and aimed fire at civilians. At 7 am, the militants fired at the Central part of the city. Shells fell near the hospital and got in a high-rise building. Frankly: I don’t see the logic in the actions of the militants. What are they shelled? The aggravation continues on the frontline, but the feeling that it was under Avdiyivka militants have accumulated more forces and ammunition that they produce for us. With all absolutely obvious that such an action planned in the Kremlin and is guided from there in all directions”.

Pro-Russian groups in social networks are filled with hysteria and curses of the Ukrainian side. In an information vacuum (for example, blocked more than 300 Ukrainian websites, not to mention the lack of access to Ukrainian TV, radio and press) promoters feel free. At their disposal the full range of influence on the intimidated and deceived the minds of residents. For example, the Russian broadcasting company “the Star” reported that Avdiivka shell… APU. Internet was launched the rumor, saying that the militants had occupied the plant. However, some resources bandits themselves have denied this information. The traitor, former elhovec, and now the leader of one of the bandit battalions, Alexander Khodakovsky accused fully expected the APU to the escalation of the conflict, and fighter Eduard Basurin said on more than 70 killed Ukrainian military, citing a secret report… Viktor Muzhenko, who allegedly fell into the hands of terrorists. In reality the Ukrainian troops 29 Jan lost five fighters, and in the night from 30th to 31st — three more. All the names and photos of victims public. The date and place of farewell to the Ukrainian Heroes.

Notable is the West’s reaction to events under the Avdeevka. Or rather puny this reaction. As if the violation of the truce by Russian bandits, the death of Ukrainians and humanitarian disaster, the threat of which hung over the whole city, are as insignificant or inconvenient to comment. “Gentlemen, is there some sort of international response to multi-day battles and the possible humanitarian and environmental disaster in the combat area?— the user writes Facebook from Munich Tatiana Narbut-Kondratieff. — I do not see at all… it is Easy to seize the territory of any country in Europe, and no words to say. Even not Express concern”. Permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko Twitter wrote: “we Demand from Russia to stop fighting in Eastern Ukraine and to adhere to the ceasefire”. Official representatives of the Ukrainian authorities sent letters to the UN, the Council of Europe and the OSCE to intervene in the situation with the escalation of Russian aggression in Avdeevka.

“Recently our partners have started to get used to the relative calm on the Eastern front of Europe, — says the “Day” Ambassador of Ukraine to the Council of Europe Dmitry Kuleba from Strasbourg. Is created they have the illusion of cooling the conflict, and they focused on other acute for itself the topics — immigration crisis, populism, the spread of fake news, cybersecurity, building relationships with the new U.S. administration. The tapering at the front in the vicinity of the Town became for them a cold shower that requires a clear response. Moreover, the reaction of not only military action, but humanitarian catastrophe in Avdeevka and Yasinovataya that is unfolding before our eyes. Currently, we are seeing only the first wave of reaction of official representatives of European States and organizations, and to draw conclusions about whether enough is this reaction, now is too early. However, it is clear that following this wave not only in Kiev but also in Moscow. If (response. — Ed.) will not be sufficient, Russia will get a clear message — the chances of impunity for their crimes grow.”

In turn, the Deputy Director of the Center Martens Roland Freudenstein comments in the “Day” said: “In fact, it looks like Putin will test the West’s escalation in the Donbas. We should at least Express our protest and to urge the President of trump to do this with us. In addition, we have internally in the EU and also externally along with trump to talk about what is happening in the East of Ukraine, it’s not appropriate to even think about lifting sanctions. Why still no reaction from the EU? This is the normal reflex of appeasement: do not provoke. What I can say here? I am ashamed. But I believe that at a certain point, Chancellor Merkel has something to say”.

In the end, as well as the occupation of Crimea and war on Donbass, and the current aggravation is a test not only for Ukrainians, but also a test for the West — is the world ready to open your eyes to what is happening in the geographical center of Europe?

The worldwide reaction to the escalation in Avdeevka

As it became known at the time of preparation rooms, after a call by the permanent representative of Ukraine to the international organizations in Vienna Ihor Prokopchuk of the 31st scheduled meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council regarding the Town.

Lamberto Zannier, the OSCE Secretary General:

“Deeply concerned by the escalation of hostilities in the Donbass. Violation of the cease-fire affects the civilian population and undermine efforts to restore peace.”

Sebastian Kurz, Minister for foreign Affairs of Austria, which presides in OSCE:

“Concerned about the violation of the ceasefire this past weekend in Eastern Ukraine. The parties must fully adhere to the ceasefire under the Minsk agreements.”

Ulrich speck
, a senior research fellow of the Transatlantic Academy in Washington:

“After a telephone conversation with trump Putin seems to have concluded that his freedom of action in Ukrainian ainé. And now he tests this hypothesis, gradually intensifying fighting”.

Judith Gough, Ambassador of great Britain in Ukraine:

“Deeply concerned about the bloodshed and the humanitarian situation in Avdeevka. Urgent truce to help civilians”.

US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Jovanovich expressed concern about the condition of the residents of Avdiivka (Donetsk region), which as a result of damage by the militants electrical lines were left without water, electricity and heating. “Very concerned for the residents of Avdiivka, especially for 2 thousand 500 children who are without water, electricity and heat after power lines were torn,” said she.