Ukraine to increase tensions in the Donbass and the muzzling of dissent

For the past several weeks on the front of the Donbass there is a clear tendency to escalate. The number of ceasefire violations from the Ukrainian army is slowly growing, however, and destruction and number of victims. In recent days there have been a high number of damaged houses and infrastructure and, unfortunately, victims among the civilian population.

Within 45 violations of the ceasefire by the Ukrainian army for hitting the 17 settlements of the DPR in the course went almost all available weapons: rocket launchers, artillery, tanks, mortars, anti-tank missiles, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and light weapons.

Last night the shelling of the Ukrainian army resulted in the death of 62-year-old woman in a Steep Gully, which also injured a 34-year-old man. He was taken to the hospital Yasinovataya in critical condition. In just two hours, the Ukrainian military brought down on the area of 18 rounds, including a 12 — caliber 122mm. In total on the front line were fired 605 rounds and rockets. To the list of casualties in the last day you should add damage to 12 homes and two schools in the DNI.

The resumption of war and censorship, which introduced new decrees of the President of Ukraine, look like an attempt to divert the attention of the Ukrainian public from the real problems of the country. By the way, the Ukrainian opposition has condemned the decision. According to the Deputy of “Opposition bloc” Nestor Shufrych, the authorities use the campaign against the St. George ribbon to distract people from the endemic poverty: the population is now six times poorer than they were three years ago.

As you remember, on Tuesday the Ukrainian Parliament voted to ban St. George ribbon, the wearing of which in public areas threatens its confiscation and a fine of from 850 to 2 thousand 550 UAH. In case of recurrence the penalty may be increased up to 5 thousand 100 hryvnias and administrative detention for 15 days (of course, with the confiscation of the tape).

This censorship becomes an extension of the logic of rewriting Ukrainian history, the current authorities of the country. So, Sitric recalls that the George cross was awarded famous Ukrainians like Ilya Bezborodko and Pyotr Kotlyarevsky, as well as dozens of noted for the bravery of Ukrainian soldiers. But since this courage was shown on the Soviet side, the Bandera authorities are trying to erase all memory of her.

Some members of the National front, like Yuri Birch even simply offer to destroy people with the St. George ribbon, and such open calls for the murder of no cause of censure from the Ukrainian leadership.

He must be inspired by the act of a former bodyguard Dmitry Yarosh, former leader of the “Right sector” (organization banned in Russia — approx.ed.)), who attacked the Russian-speaking taxi driver in Kamenskoye. The unfortunate driver was guilty only to those that spoke Russian and refused to shout “Glory to Ukraine!”. One of the passengers began to beat him, and when he ran out of the car, then got shot in the leg. Colleagues driver tried to intervene, but they also began to shoot.

After an outcry by the Ukrainian users on this incident Bandera in turn said that offended common discontent of the population. In other words, the Ukrainian neo-Nazis believe such behavior is normal and justified (press Secretary Yarosh even called the actions of abusive taxi driver that, according to his logic, justifies the attack), and also believe that the Ukrainians should not blame him. Welcome to the Nazi dictatorship.

In addition, the dictatorship and the treatment of minds in an attempt to prevent the spread of the truth rooted not only in Ukraine: Facebook (he apparently runs together with neo-conservative forces in his native country) staged a real hunt for dissidents, whether the Donbass or something else.

So, shortly before the presidential elections in France in Facebook was removed 30 thousand pages, under the pretext of combating the spread of fake news through fake accounts. Ironically, these measures touched on most of the pages that were linked against the Emmanuel Macron political currents.

After the elections in France wanted to believe that everything will be fine, but alas. Recently has been blocked or removed a few pages of activists. It struck the Frenchman Thierry Bourne (Thierry Borne), Joaquin Flores (Joaquin Flores) from Fort Russ (one of the main independent alternative media in English about the events in the Donbass and Syria), often working with Fort Russ analyst Eduard Popov and other less famous people who contribute actively to the publication of alternative information. Their Facebook accounts have been blocked indefinitely.

Poland also does not remain aloof: Mateusz Piskorski (Mateusz Piskorski) it has been a year in prison for anti-NATO views. A year later after detention he was never charged, and his original term of the temporary imprisonment of 3 months was extended five times. Moreover, no significant evidence of espionage for a foreign power. The case materials are kept in secret, not allowing them to prepare the defense of Piskorski.

All this is reminiscent of the dictatorship, you say? Impossible! After all, Poland is in the EU, and he is the embodiment of democracy — Allow readers to evaluate the democracy of Europe, one of the member States which behaves in a similar way. Today Poland, tomorrow? France? Belgium? Says Thierry born, today was his turn, and “tomorrow, maybe it will be you”.

Anyway, some of the Ukraine yet dared to condemn the new solutions that stifle freedom in the country and directed against its population. So, the Kharkiv lawyer Roman Likhachev intends to apply for Poroshenko in the Supreme court in connection with the illegality of the ban on Russian websites and social networks.

“I will not condone such lawless and unpunished violation of the rights of citizens, Mr. President. And it’s not in VK and classmates, etc., it’s in the way to limit freedom. What is tomorrow? Disable think? To ban breathing? We’re a country that moves to Europe, and do what makes North Korea. I just can’t understand where and when I had granted the state the right to determine what and where me to look, to read and write,” reads his entry in Facebook.

Only here, Mr. Likhachev, you gave him that right the same day when passively accepted the illegal regime, which emerged from the unconstitutional coup in the Maidan and supported the neo-Nazi forces. It is good that some in Ukraine open your eyes, but too late to prevent the complete collapse of the country.

In the Ukraine started with the Communists and Russian, and then switched to the opponents of the war in the Donbass. Now it was the turn of the rest of the population, which even dares to think beyond the established framework. Europe, unfortunately, follows the same path.