In the “Passport service” explained failures

Glitches with the preparation and issuance of biometric passports to the passport services “Document” may be associated with the current audits of the SBU in the Telecom companies and the possible withdrawal of servers. This was stated press Secretary of the service network of GP “Document” Vladimir Polishchuk, transfers TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“This is due to the fact that no special communication channels, ensuring the protection of our information that we provided through the respective servers in the state migration service and other agencies that deal with print. As I know, SBU is now conducting checks may seizes servers in several telecommunications companies with this license, provide services to protect information and provide these secure communication channels. The management of the SE “Document” went to the providers and finds out how serious this situation is,” said Polishchuk.

He noted that difficulties in obtaining passports began to appear after 15:00. People could not make or receive a passport.

“I hope that this centre and other centres earn”, – said Polishchuk.

The website of the state enterprise “Document”, which is engaged in manufacturing and issuing passports, has stopped working on April 6th. A message is displayed on the home page. Provided that the reasons for stopping the operation of the technical.

As reported today, April 6, the European Parliament supported the European Commission’s proposal to grant Ukraine visa-free regime.