Closer to Europe, farther from Russia

The first is the official signing of the Agreement on granting to citizens of Ukraine the right to make short-term visits (to 90 days) in European Union countries and in countries signatories of the Schengen Agreement without visas, than congratulations to you all.

So, after June 11 to travel in EU countries will be possible without going through the grueling procedures for obtaining visas and associated with the collection of documents, filling of questionnaires, statements, and other.

No doubt, Ukrainians deserved it for a long time. It’s hard to remember that at least in one European country left so many people in the Central square with flags of the EU. It is the movement towards European integration was one of the requirements of our countrymen during the revolution of Dignity in 2013-2014.

And here, contrary to the opinions and predictions of skeptics it happened. Someone can say that the decision is irrelevant, they say there’s no money from the Ukrainians and for what to drive in Europe, someone will come up with some critical remarks. Of course, I also want the material condition of my countrymen grew and hope in spite of everything it will be so. But, in addition to the material component should not forget about Trust, because the right to travel without obtaining a visa is a recognition of the Dignity and the fact that the fact that the citizens are trustworthy, and agree it is a money can not be measured.

In this case, I note that in its decision, the EU partially extends one of his important principles of free movement of persons which along with the movement of capital, movement of goods, movement of services laid down in the Treaty of Rome in 1957 establishing the European economic community.

Another important event is sanctions on several Russian companies (legal entities), in particular social networks “Vkontakte”, “Classmates” and other IT companies.

About this is to say that in international law, sanctions apply to:

— the termination of the infringement;
— restoration of violated rights;
— ensuring accountability of the offender.

After the annexation of Crimea by Russia, the incitement of a war of aggression against Ukraine, occupation by Russia of certain regions of Donbass in Eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian Side has every right to introduce sanctions against Russia as the aggressor.

Sanctions can be lifted with Russia in the event of: the termination of occupation of the Crimea; a conclusion of the armies and irregular military formations from the territory of Ukraine; termination of aggression and the compensation due to her loss.

Cynical, vile and absurd are the attempts of the Moscow authorities to accuse and to blame Ukraine for the fact that, well, barring a Russian social network and imposing other sanctions the Ukrainian Side violates international law. Because the violator of international law the Russian Federation that recognized and on the level of the EU, USA and other countries that have imposed sanctions against Russia, to stop violations of international law.

Summarizing, we note that through these events we are one step closer to Europe and a step further away from Russia. Undoubtedly, in this way will not always be easy and will have to overcome obstacles, but it is the direction in which to move forward, albeit with small steps, but forward. Because as you know “the road will overcome the walking”.