Israel — a new ally of Russia?

On the information sites of the military nature of the leaked material on which it becomes clear that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin began to put its interests in the middle East to life through certain agreements relating to the seizure of the Syrian territories by the hands of the military forces of Assad.

The impression that the Russian armed forces have realized that Iran is trying to beat its strategic ally. This behavior is clearly evident in the fighting in Eastern Aleppo, when the Iranian (Shia) armed forces began to act, departing from the agreed allied plan, which was developed by Russia.

Other sources reported the signing of Russian and Israeli parties to a secret agreement. According to him, Russia gives Israel the possibility of air control over the territory of Syria, and Israel, in turn, will maintain neutrality in the Syrian issue.

Reconnaissance flights by the Israeli air force over Syrian territory over the past two months have become more frequent. According to the report, leaked to the media, their goal is to prevent supplies of weapons destined for Lebanese group Hezbollah, controlled by Iran.

In the resulting report says that Israel has officially neither confirmed nor denied the fact of these raids. He kept silence — as, however, and the Russian side. The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation does not comment on them, although the response to any aerial flights in the Western bloc the Syrian airspace has always been very fast.

According to the information portal Intelligence Online, the silence of Russia in the event Israeli planes violating Syrian airspace, some Russian sources is treated as evidence of a secret agreement between Moscow and tel Aviv. The purpose of this agreement is known as “deconfliction” is to avoid collision of the Russian and Israeli air forces in the skies over Syria and to provide Israel with air space if necessary to the implementation of recent raids.

Negotiations on this temporary ceasefire took place in March 2016. From Israel, the negotiations were conducted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and chief of General staff of the air force Amir Eshel, on the part of Russia — Vladimir Putin and defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.

According to the report, the Russian side gave Israel the green light for aerial intervention under the pretext of combating terrorism in all its forms, in exchange for the neutrality of Israel in the confrontation between the Assad regime and the Free Syrian Army.

The report stated that the aim of the Israeli aircraft is the prevention of large supply of weapons, including guided missiles and navigation systems designed for the Shiite groups Hezbollah stationed in the Golan heights.