Ukraine earned on the export of food for 30 billion hryvnia

Within three months of the current year Ukraine has exported food products for a total amount of 29 billion 290.3 million UAH.

Thus, according to official statistics, the dairy products the country exported to 597 million.

Meat and meat products worth nearly half — 326,4 million.

The export of bread, bakery and flour products in this case amounted to 739 million.

We will remind, recently the European Union lifted the ban on the export of birds from many regions of Ukraine due to the fact that from February of 2017 in the state has not recorded cases of bird flu.

By March, Ukraine has fully chose the annual quota for duty-free exports to the EU in six categories of products: honey, sugar, cereals and flour, processed tomatoes grape and Apple juice and corn. A similar situation was observed last year.