Hokkaido Shimbun (Japan): countries remove restrictions, and it raises concerns associated with the second wave of the pandemic. Needs a well-thought-out policy

Despite the fact that the new coronavirus epidemic continues to rage, many countries began to undermine the regime of isolation and the resumption of economic activity.

In Western countries, where there was an outbreak, closed shops and factories. There were strict isolation by introducing stringent restrictions on travel. Since then it’s been two months.

The population is seriously impoverished. People began actively to demand relief. The world economy is in a difficult situation, so we understand such decisions must not be allowed to blow even stronger.

An important reason for easing the process of lifting restrictions.

If you do everything in a hurry, this will lead to the second wave of the pandemic. “To save the people and normal life, it is important to return to normal slowly and methodically,” — emphasizes the world health organization (who).

It is necessary to develop objective standards based on scientific findings and take action in stages. You should carefully consider policies that will contribute to ending the pandemic.

South Korea has excelled in the comprehensive testing, tracking the location of patients and containment of infections. Her action against covid-19 highly appreciated. However last week had been weakened by restrictions on movement, and immediately afterwards there was a mass infection with a hearth at a nightclub.

China, from where started the spread of the epidemic, is proud of the successful containment of the virus and in a hurry to resume economic activity, but this month mass infection occurred in Wuhan and Jilin province.

Germany also took the epidemic under control thanks to testing and medical system and is also passed to the gradual weakening of the isolation, but again there were preconditions for the spread covid-19.

Such the slightest concessions even in developed countries lead to the outbreak of the infection, and this is the intrigue of the novel coronavirus. The exit strategy should be to achieve the understanding of the people and to find a path to the light.

Concern countries that are trying mindlessly in a hurry to restore economic activity, despite the lack of adequate infection control.

USA — leaders in the number of infected, however, the President, Donald trump is in a hurry to resume economic activity. In Russia, in second place after the United States, the number of patients is increasing explosively, but the President of Russia Vladimir Putin went to a partial restoration of work of the enterprises.

Apparently influenced by the fact that in these countries the economic situation is deteriorating, and the rating of the government falls.

Nevertheless, if you strive for immediate results, it is obvious that outbreaks of infection can not be avoided. Managers must be ready for a protracted battle with the pandemic and policies, taking into account the life and welfare of the people.